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after that very enlightening meeting with the delacours i offered them a tour of the musashi, mostly to keep them aboard, since i had the meeting again at 1500 hours, that they should be there for

at 1500 hours the group had met in my office, just as cho, and cedric, entered along with viktor krum who had been living on the nagato, and hermione granger entered

"welcome, this meeting is to discuss the second task, and how what happened as a result is not okay, unfortunately i cannot punish the british ministry of magic, no matter how much i wish i could" i said, they all nodded

"but there is someone i can punish, as he did more then kidnap, he broke his oaths to this navy, i have prepared his punishment as result of this, and the admiral will decide when we return if he is even allowed to keep his commission in our navy, but the reason i have asked you all here, is because i am offering you the opportunity to partake in his punishment" i said

"what is his punishment" hermione asked

"he will be flogged" i said, she appeared outraged by that

"that's barbaric" hermione said

"i agree, his actual punishment would have been firing squad, but i had little chose, what he had done is a transgression against the navy that equates to treason, the only reason he is getting off from the firing squad is do to him being between a rock and a hard place" i said

"the magical contract" jean-sebastian said, and i nodded

"what was treasonous about his actions was instead of forming his commanding officer, my XO which would have in turn allowed us to find a volunteer, he chose to act entirely alone, and kidnap a cadet, that action calls for a severe punishment, what would you recommend miss granger, that would also allow him to be punished by the other individuals he had wronged besides this navy" i asked, she bit her lip, she didn't really know

"exactly, it is ten lashes for every victim, and five for the champion involved that i believe is sixty lashes in total, miss granger you are welcome to pass on his lashes to someone else if you do not wish to wield the whip, i will understand, however he will be receiving the full sixty lashes" i said

"fine........ i'll do it" she said, i smiled

"i see you found the loophole to that didn't you" i said

"what do you mean" cho asked

"she isn't angry with him like i am sure many of you are, so she won't put much force into the strikes i am sure, it essentially gets him ten strikes off without actually doing so, like i said a loophole, one i am sure the lieutenant will remember and thank her for, flogging is an uncommon punishment but do to magical healing an effective one" i said

"now the young miss delacour may wish to delegate her lashes to any with her family" i said

"fleur" gabrielle said, i nodded

"yes she seems the most protective of your family" i said, with a nod

"i will be delegating my lashes to cho" cedric said, speaking up, i nodded

"i will also be delegating my lashes to miss granger" krum said, he believed she had more reason to punish igarashi more then himself

"very well, that leaves, myself with fifteen lashes since my officer delegated her lashes to me for protocol reasons, having a lower ranking officer striking a higher ranking officer, shatters chain of command, miss chang with fifteen lashes, the elder miss delacour with fifteen lashes, and miss granger with fifteen lashes" i said

"well that was all i had called this meeting for, i have a meeting with miss chang, the rest of you will find your escort off the ship waiting outside, fleur you are welcome to stay" i said, fleur nodded as she didn't move from her seat as the rest left leaving cedric and cho

"right then miss chang what can i do for you" i asked

"your family and mine have been allies for some time" cho said, i nodded this was true, the chang and ishikawa families were political allies and business partners most of the outside help the magical received came from the chang families contacts

"that is correct" i said

"i wish to merge our families under one banner" cho said, i leaned back in my chair

"your talking about marriage" i said

"we are both heir's to our respective families, and my father knows me enough to know i can negotiate for myself, but i think we should do this in the old ways" she said, my eyebrow raised

"a duel, you understand what a challenge of the old ways means correct" i said 

"whoever loses would become beholden to the winner i am aware of the consequences" she said

"what of him" i asked

"my relationship with cedric is i am sure near identical to your relationship with miss delacour, given she is a veela, and given what i do know about you" cho said

"you know about us" fleur asked

"the chang family are incredibly close allies with the asian veela enclave, most of our veela enchanters for our fleet came from them. i have a feeling she knows almost everything about veela because of this" i said, as cho nodded

"that and i took a magical oath, not to reveal any of the veela's secrets with others who weren't already in the know, i was also tasked with helping potential candidates, which i can do as your fiance" she said

"a challenge cannot go unanswered, if you are challenging me however i expect you to do it right, i will have myself prepared next hogsmeade weekend, you may challenge me then" i said, cho nodded

"agreed, i am glad you follow traditions, and know this i will be satisfied, win or lose, i may be cedric's master, but my family has likewise taught me how to serve" i said

"and how to manipulate i am sure, i am well aware what the chang family specializes in" i said

"and i am well aware that i will not be able to control you unless i do win, the challenge will be open but i would request the duel itself be in private" cho said

"so if you win you can stay in the shadows, fine, but the duel will be no holds bared, until decapitation or yielding, a wand is not permitted if you wish to cast spells do it through a blade" i said

"agreed, see you in two weeks" fleur said, bowing before she left

"what a headache, and i had been doing so well at avoiding the changs, they are the ultimate definition of a politician, they are also master assassins, so if necessary they kill their way to getting what they want" i said

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