Crush Part 2

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No Trigger Warnings
This is also a very short chapter!!

When Lily turned 20 I gave her the book and when she was done reading it she called the cops to have her father arrested for what he did. Her brother was heartbroken when he found out what she did and said that she was a bitch. I let him read the book when he cooled down but he was still mad at both of us because we were the reason that our family was broken up.

"DAD ONLY DID WHAT HE HAD TO SO HE COULD PROTECT US!" he screamed at us but I didn't care because all I could see was his father yelling at us.

I tried to keep my son from going anywhere and falling in love so what happened to me wouldn't happen to anyone else. As he grew up he acted more and more like his dad and he would tell Lily and me how dad wasn't around because of us.

"Lily you are 25 now and you should be out living your life," I said while sitting beside her on the bed. "I think I should bail your dad out of jail because you know your brother will never let you leave unless your dad lets you."

"Are you sure Mom?" she asked while rubbing my back.

"I can handle him," I said while getting up to leave. "I'll be back."

I ended up getting Jack out of jail with little to no problem and when he saw that I was the one who got him out he was happy.

"Why did you bail me out Y/n?" he asked with a smirk.

"Because I miss you and your son is acting like the devil without you," I said while wrapping my arms around him. "Let's go."

When Jack came home our son started acting like his old self and it was like Jack was never gone in the first place. Lily moved out in the month that Jack came back with no problems. I tried to make sure that my son never left.

"Baby he has to leave at some point," Jack said while kissing me one night after dinner. "He's almost 27."

"No what if he does what you did?" I asked worried as I thought about what would happen.

"Let me deal with it then," he said while wrapping his arms around me. "SON YOU ARE MOVING OUT TOMORROW!"

My son did move out but he never fell in love with anyone which brought me joy.

At least I can say I'm proud of Lily for stepping up when I needed her but I can't say the same for my son.

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