Dancin' States

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dancing alone,

the stage,              for two,

it tumbles,                            it plops,           its gaseous spirit rises anew,

it desires a partner,

and today,                            it has an interest in you,

pitter-patter,                           pitter-patter.

If it were in summer, and sunny,

It would have worn rainbow reflections, liquid, casually,

Instead, this season's winter,

And it's opted for something solid,

A marvel of geometry, hexagonal,

Fairy-powder, not so colourful,

Reverting form with a touch, is it love or just warmth?

But if you ignore it,

Behind your drapes, blankets, and double-glazing,

A coffee in hand, The muffled sounds, not so-amazing

It will grow colder, and harden further,

Albeit continue to call daily, heavily,

Clink-clunk, clink-clunk.

Will you dance in the rain?

For all it wants is,


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