The Unnoticed Importance

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One of the things that fascinates me the most is our impact on the world that we might never notice. And sure, it's sometimes negative. But, it can be something freaking awesome too! So just remember that. You making someone's life freaking better by just being you:)

Red ribbons blow behind me

as I walk, catching the tips of umbrella lips

and lifting them into pink peaks.

Cozy classics circle me

as I talk, tucking themselves on calloused palms

and singing sweet science to sleep.

Even when I shape a sandcastle

on a beach, on an island nation,

in a forgotten part of the world,

someone out there has thanks

to give to me.

'Cause I might've sheltered them

from a gust in a foreign country,

that could've blown them away

from their most precious discovery.

And, even if that were untrue

I would know still that the

crustacean's homeowner's association

values my donation.

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