The Circus

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Another old one

Life's da circus, But da circus ain't bad,

It ain't dat ultimate failure, dat'll end ya,

Like gamblin to a hardworka,

It ain't dat end to a careea,

Like lungs to a smoka,

C wat I did der?

I ain't ever see no masta magician,

Widout years of plannin and preparation,

I ain't ever see no silk climba,

Widout brusin lickin all down der backa,

I ain't ever see no entertainer,

Fiddling on der phone while workin,

But dats what ma mumma told me,

Wen she cort me, writin down a drem duing biology,

make otherz happy,

All I cud bee, she sed,

A loser performer.

Life's da circus, But da circus ain't bad,

It ain't dat place, whea no won learns nothin,

Hav u met a numbas juggla?

Der da best mathematicians 4 a resan, I tell ya.

I ain't ever see no clown,

Widout no sens of improvisation,

I ain't ever see no hula-hoopa,

Widout a secund careea as a danca,

I ain't ever see no hand balanca,

Outsyd of trainin,

Seriously, what else do dey do?

Life's the circus, But the circus ain't bad,

We have so many possibilities,

Like the rings, the clubs, the balls, and the beans.

It's okay to never stray away from balls,

Where number progression is a cascade,

A repetition of the first-ever pattern.

It's okay to train clubs,

Where practice hurts, and failure hurts harder,

And it feels like there's no number progression,

But you're always making friends to pass on your passion.

It's okay to take up rings,

Which are new and fancy,

And no one really knows its true possibility.

It's okay to try beans,

And play with your food,

Because they're beans,

And they make you happy.

Oh, and I think it's perfectly fine if you want to juggle all four.

Life's the circus, But the circus ain't bad,

It's a place of props and propositions,

And will begin by asking you,

Are you going to be a juggler,

When will you be a juggler,

Have you started juggling yet?

But there's so much else, yet.

Will you take up the Lyra, or the silks, or the pole, or the fishnet, or the trapeze, or the swinging trapeze, or the rope,

Will you, will you, will you be an aerialist?

Oh, you're so brave, you're so brave,

I could never be like you.

And everyone knows a unicycler, everyone knows a magician, everyone knows a clown,

It's okay to be one,

It's okay, it's okay,

Not everyone needs to be a juggler,

Not everyone can be an aerialist.

Oh, and there's a famous bounce juggler I know,

There's a famous rolla-bolla artist I know,

There's a famous Cyr wheeler I know,

But don't ever try to be one.

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