I'm Not Brave

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I wanna be a better person 'cause this world deserves a better version of me

I'm most afraid of me.

And so,

I've shackled myself with stakes and poles,

From my mind to my soul.

I'll say the key's with you,

But that's quite untrue,

For the combination's mine to unfold.

I'm too timid to tell myself,

Its numbers and letters,

Because if I were free,

I'd have no excuse binding me.


I'll have you know,

When I look at you,

And you stare back at me,

I'm not afraid of you,

But I'm terrified of me.

I'll prove it to you;

"I'd kiss you if my lips were plump,

I'd talk to you if my speech was sweet,

I'd hold you if my hands were strong,"

But they're not,

Because I'm not,


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