Lucid Recipe

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Here's a spoonful of nonsense to brighten your day:)

If you dream.

Your passport's universal.

The border brownies,

Excel spreadsheeting 2.43 billion other people's memories,

Will only ask for tonight's reci(denti)pe:

6 dragon eggs (unfertilised)

500 grams of alien spaghetti (gluten-free)

A pinch of the moon's left cheek (not for the dairy-free)

Crack the eggs and separate the yolk of a horde; gold, silver, jade, and emerald,

(Leave it in a mountain lair,

Sincerely, not some greedy green guys).

Whisk the reds to jagged peaks, about 5 hours at 47 knots, windy,

(Trust me, you don't want a Category 3).

Rest it in an ice age for another hour, the heights should plateau to a supercontinent,

(Otherwise, your continent might crack and drift).

Fold in the spaghetti and alien eyes, only 'dope' dunks and alley-oops will do,

(Playing with your food makes it less of a stickler for the rules).

Bake the mixture for 42 seconds in a polymerized proto-plant plastic bowl at room temperature,

(The year's 2185).

Decorate the masterpiece, please tell me it's still one piece,

(You really don't want continents),

With what remains of the horde.

(We've 'borrowed' it,

Yours trustingly, the grateful green guys).

Now all that's left is you holding a cheek,

And if you dream of holding the moon's left cheek,

You will find all your desires at the end of a rainbow tomorrow.


The leprechauns.

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