chapter 16

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I was still driving towards home and dialed the number of my dad.

‘’Allen, what’s up?’’

‘’dad, it’s Victoria. She is gone and they don’t know where she is.’’

‘’I have heard something about that, but why are you calling?’’

‘’do you remember that day when Vic was attack?’’

‘’yes why?’’

‘’there is something I haven’t told of that day and I think it is important to know right now. Because it has somehow a connection to Skyler.”

He stayed silence for a while.

‘’where are you know?’’

‘’close to home. I’m about less than five minutes away’’

‘’okay see you than. I’ll be in the study’’

He cut of the phone and I drove further and faster. I don’t care about the speed limits right now. I just to get home fast and be done with it. So I can go back to Skyler and protect her myself.

Once home I rushed out of the car to the study. My mom was also there and there expression was serious. I have never seen my mom like that, because she was always acting like a child. I took the seat in front of my dad and looked at him. Somehow I knew that he know what I was going to talk about.

‘’I knew you were laying back then, Allen’’ he started

‘’I’m sorry about that’’

‘’It’s okay. Now tell me what happened.’’

Before I could begin, the door bell rung. Charles came in the study to say that the Hammington’s had arrived. I told him to let them in and they took a seat. My parents and I changes our seat to the couch and the chairs in the middle of the room, where the others were also sitting.

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