8. War zones.

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HIRO POV Play song

I hid in the bunker. My squad was almost dead except for Aaron and Garroth. Alexis was hidden with the others. I shot two enemy guards. I smirked and grabbed my sword and sliced they're legs. So I could put them in jail. We save all of our people and ran out their camp. I smiled for every mission we finish the less time I had to spend away from YN. I love her so much. We write all the time. I miss her with me. I cant wait to see her again its has been about three years since the last time I've touched her cheek, kissed her, told her how much loved her. We went back to camp and Aaron and Alexis are married. My baby sister finally being mature. Then everything changed.  I remember hearing screams of agony. I ran outside to see people crying others dieing. I knew that I won't die. YN and Alexis need me. Aaron and I exchanged looks. We attacked the enemy. I was not gonna let anything happen to anyone especially after what happened years ago...

I was only 10... Tadashi was 18 and a general. He was the greatest solider ever. He was teaching me how to use a sword as he went inside. Tadashi grabbed Alexis. I remember that day clearly. A man had burned down our house I saved Alexis and Tadashi tried to get out but he was trapped. I tried to save him... but he died. Then we left to YN's Kingdom where I studied to become a knight and had a little crush on YN...

I frowned and ran at the next knight and turned around. Aaron... I ran on front of Aaron to protect him.

"Aaron..." I called out. He shook his head. He stared at me frowning. He tackled me. I tried to get free but couldn't.. I looked at Aaron who nudged his head towards something. Alexis. She had a knife held to her face. I sighed and went with the people who let Aaron and Alexis go after I was thrown in a cell.

"Tadashi. He is here." The man who was guarding me said. Tadashi!?!

"HIRO! Are you okay?!" Tadashi asked. I stared at him.

"How could you Dashi? Alexis is our sister. You almost killed her!" I said. Tadashi shook his head. I growled.

"Hiro I used her as bait. I needed to get you here to warn you." Tadashi said. Alexis came out from the shadows. "They want to kill YN. They are planning to kill her tomorrow."

"No.... Tadashi I cant let her die. I love her." I said. "She's everything to me. Dashi..if your lieing I'll kill you." I said and a tear went down my cheek.

"Hiro... They tried to brainwashed her. But faied instead now... She thinks your dead. That the general is her love and.. Tonight the general is going to marry her to gain power." Tadashi said. My eyes went red. I grabbed my sword.

"Hiro Run." Tadashi said. I ran to the kingdom. The guards tried to grab my but I smirked. I am he best swordsman since Kirito. I heard YN singing. This is what I'm fighting for. Because without her. Im faded. I grew angry. I listened to her cries.

"Hiro... Please save me... I know the truth... He killed you. Didn't he? He said bad things about you. They are lies. You would give your life to save your family. You do love me.. Are you even dead? Hiro please help me... I miss you... I love you." My heart broke at that one plea... She loves me even though she was told I died and she didn't believe the lies others told her. I grew angry.

"I will save you princess even if I die trying." I said. I listened to the wedding bells ring and tan to the church.

No matter what.

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