9. Never letting go

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YN POV play song

Hiro..... where are you..... please I need you.. I began to cry abit as we pulled up to the church. I sighed and walked out and remembered the first time I saw him.

I was playing with my toys and heard fighting. I ra to the training center to see a boy my age fighting with Mommy. I was scared that the boy would get hurt.

"Good job boy." Mom said. I remember Hiro showing mercy and not hurting mom like the others.

A tear slid down my face and I started to walk down the aisle. The General was Donny. Hiro's best friend. I looked down. My dress was simple and short. I hate this dress. I miss Hiro. After awhile the priest asked Donny if he say i do he said yes. Then was my turn.

"What do you say YN?" Donny said. I turned away from donny and the priest.

"Where is my invitation?!" Hiro said smirking. I smiled. "I mean my best friend is marrying my Girlfriend so... yeah plus as i said she is still MY girlfriend and of course mine." I blushed. His girlfriend..... I ran to him and kissed him.

"I knew you would come." I said. He smiled and kissed me.

"I love you so much.." I said and grabbed Hiro's hands and whispered. "Can you please take me away from here tonight. Mom and dad planned this the war was fake all the people who died were for nothing. Aaron knew. But they threaten him with alexis's death. Please Hiro..." I asked he nodded.

"Im not welcomed here am I!?" Hiro said. Well mind if i fight the groom? " I nodded. Donny lost quickly and I smirked and went to my room. Hiro we will be together soon.. i thought packing my stuff. I ran out side to to see Hiro with a car I jumped in smiling. Aaron and Alexis were there too we decided to leave to America. It was a wonderful place last time Hiro went. I kissed Hiro. Plus my parents have no authority there. I'm 18. Today will last forever or until me and Hiro are married in two days. 😊😍 Hiro is American and I am well.. Japanese... Mom and Dad lived there and had me. 😊. Im happier than ever me, Hiro Aaron Aphmau and Lilith. Lilith is Aarmau's  kid. 😘 I smiled and kissed Hiro.

Now I can finally be His Princess.

The End. Sorry its a short story but I am working on five more stories but You need to tell me if you want each. No there us No Hiro Hamada X Reader because its the most type of stories I've done and I already ran put of Hiro X Reader ideas I want to do one of the below. Not all are X Readers. You have two days.


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