Intro: The Logbook User Guide

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Welcome to the FSS Logbook. A book containing exclusive content for new and old readers alike.

This book is for entertainment purposes only and Fairy is a weird person that says weird shit very often therefore some pity laughs are happily accepted.

Moving on.....

BAM! Greetings my lovely readers. I was about to try and come up with like a fandom name on a whim but it sounds strange. My Shippers? My Fairies? Idk man. Anywhoooo this will just be a random update book where I make fun of myself and the things I've posted/written/done over the past three years I've been here lmao.

Also including stuff about my future books, current books, lots of cool stuff.

OMUML fans I know I suck at updating but I'm working on the new chapter😂

But yup that's that enjoy making fun of me with me~

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