Log #2 I [Blank]

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Hey everyone! Welcome to the second log, to be honest I have some huge news for you about me irl.

Here it goes.

I'm engaged to an egotistical jerk?!?!

Wait that's not right. Um...

I got kidnapped by exo?!??

Not that...


You get where I'm going with this. Those book titles that aren't even proper titles but instead give away the concept of the book. The same recycled concept oml.

Deep shit for a sec but •ahem* arranged marriages are not something to romanticize cuz in actuality it's a pretty messed up thing that should've been left in the 16th century but aYe if it gets them reads thoooooo.

Do you know how many times I'm scrolling through wattpad or AFF or whatever and it's just like I MARRIED [Blank] or ENGAGED TO [Blank], and I WAS KIDNAPPED BY [Blank]?!

Well I mean first of all why tf would an idol group kidnap you. Just how did that even become a book idea. And then ofc two and or all of them fall in in love with you and you fall in love with either one or all of them as well. Beaty and the beast lookin ass.

I just don't understand. Someone please explain. The only arranged marriage things that are like okay and cool to read at We Got Married concepts. WGM is a Korean variety show where two celebrities fake get married and have to pretend to be a couple for however long they're on the show for those of you that don't know.

You can do a lot with those concepts.

But like when it's some random girl being forced to marry Jungkook or someone just because their second cousin's mother's grandpa was friends with his grandpa and they for some reason wanted their bond to ascend a few gens so they made some weird contract pact thing.

Can you even like make a legally binding contract about your unborn grandchildren having to get married? Like I don't think that's even a thing. Especially if they're both adults I don't think they can be forced into anything bUt fOr tHe sAkE oF pLoT tHey hAve No oThEr cHoiCe.

Now in a future log imma go into cold egotistical playboy jerk character types. But just to brief on it now more times than not that's who the MC is getting married to.

It's always an idol that seems super happy and stuff on the cameras but actually is a total prick to her for no reason and like hates her guts even tho they're both in the same situation and are both "forced" to follow through with it.

Like dang I know you don't want your career ruined by some weird arranged marriage but if homegirl MC is gonna be stuck with you for life then you might as well not blame her for it smh.

Also I find it funny how usually the couple agrees after they get married they'll divorce or something. But like bij when. What time is the okay time they'll divorce. They never say that. Then in the end they're waiting like months and months and months but then they fall in love so it's whatevs they're already married so they can skip all the other steps.

The only time I find an arranged marriage ending cute is if they like propose again and say like "let's do it the right way this time." Cuz dats sum soft shiz. Also just sayin I actually do wanna write a WGM fic at some point with this type ending but I have a bazillion other books so yIkes. Still comment a male or female idol you'd like to see partnered with the main character if I do write it. Tbh it might end up being a short OMUML spin-off with one of the other H.E.I.R members. What was I saying again? Oh yeah-

All in all arranged married fics may be cool the first hundred times but it's an overused concept and come up with some better titles before I neck myself.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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