Log #6 Girlfriend For a Month

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UnisonRaider your wish is my command

UnisonRaider  your wish is my command

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Let me give some context. I randomly remembered how a lot of cringey old wattpad books use to have that same scene where the main character gets dressed and they describe like EVerY detail. Ahem, for example:

"I put on my black beanie embroidered with peaches to top off the look. I was wearing my favorite pair of black denim jeans with my doc martins. I also wore a light purple long sleeved shirt with a black leather on top of it to make me edgy rawr. Finally I put on my choker and grabbed my bag before heading out the door. Glancing at my watch my eyes widened."

And then it's usually followed by the trope I probably hate most.

BEING LATE FOR SCHOOL. Especially the first day of school like oml just end my existence, sell my soul to Satan, I don't care at this point.

"oH nO I'm LaTE!111!!!!!1111!!"

Then in her mad dash to make it to school, despite already being late and even arriving at school faster won't help the fact she's already late. So she could've just walked— or is that not plot developing enough for you?

She spills her cup of coffee she somehow had the time to make between realizing she's late and pulling a Speedy Gonzalez out her front door. And spills said caffeinated beverage all over that one insanely hot insanely popular insanely perfect guy she's never talked to once in her existence.

And because it's totally what ever person does in the twenty first century she can only make it up to him by pretending to be his girlfriend for a month and practically being enslaved mY a nonexistent non binding contract but hey she does it anyways cUz MorAls.

And dun dun dun plot twist that no one expected, mr. Cold hearted is actually a super sweet boi that just needed some good ol attention. Therefore she obviously falls in love with him immediately despite him being an asshole to her the past fifteen chapters. That's exactly how the empathetic spectrum works everyone, the more you know.

Bam some shitty climax happens, most likely the "popular plastic stereotypical blond hoes that have been rude to her since the beginning of the book" beat her up for liking 'their man' and threaten her so she tries to leave him yada yada yada but then he finds out yada yada yada

Plot twist pt2: he's loved her all along

Then the book probably ends with like

"Will you be my real girlfriend this time?" He questions me, pulling out what I can only assume to be a promise ring.

I nod tearfully, throwing my arms around his neck and pulling him down into a sweet kiss, pulling apart only to say, "of course I will"

And then we lived happily ever after........until the sequel

Wjhdajdwjhdbsbd yep accurate

I'll write a log on my dislike for a lot of sequels some other time, that'll be funny.

aNyWho that's all for today. If you haven't already (istg I sound like a YouTuber 'if you haven't already go like and subscribe') check out my author's note for Oops I Messed Up My Line to vote on what book I should write next and who the male lead for 'Scripted' should be!


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