Log #4 Max has been Kidnapped *a conspiracy theory*

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I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before, but Pokémon is my childhood. Every Saturday morning of every week for YEARS my sister and I would watch it. Therefore it is something I hold deep in my heart and am very passionate about.

Well up until Black and white cuz that ruined everything lMao. Ahem, anyways. This brings me to current day, I'll ignore the current season of Pokémon cuz that's iRrEleVant but instead look at Kalos where X and Y took place.  Let's get right into it

*clears throat*

KALOS IS A HOENN REBOOT : A conspiracy theory

Now I don't have many facts. Because I'm too lazy to watch the whole thing all over again to point out everything. So the only thing I bring you is that our dear Max from the Hoenn region, has been kidnapped.

Hear me out. While the Hoenn region aired on TV we knew where everyone went when it ended. Brock would continue with Ash to Sinnoh, May would travel alone to Johto, and Max was just gonna go home. That's where it's different. What if while the gang was out adventuring elsewhere mAx nEvEr mAde It hOme?

But instead he was kidnapped and sent to the Kalos region where he was forced to take on the identity of Clemont. Now I can see where you'd think this doesn't add up. You see Max was a super genius, clemont is a super genius, therefore they're obviously the same person. (A/N as I'm writing I hope everyone knows this is a joke and I'm not a dumbass)

Hoenn featured a brother sister duo, May and Max. Kalos features a brother sister duo Bonnie and Clemont. Hoenn and Kalos has a lovestruck sidekick character, Brock and Serena. And both feature Ash. Because he's Ash and he's immortal and probably stuck in a comatose dreamscape but that's a theory for another time (:

That's how May's happy contest journey through the regions became a quest to find her long lost brother. When she meets Ash again with Brock and Dawn she doesn't tell him since she knows he's busy with his dream.

When she finally finds Max's location it's months if not years later in Kalos. There she finds her brother (they both have glasses too hA) as a blonde scrawny kid in a weird ass jumpsuit with a weird ass backpack and is brainwashed. What surprises her even more is that Ash is with him.

She reveal's clemont's true identity as Max, takes Max home, leaving Bonnie traumatized, Ash confused, and Serena lost af. And that's how Pokémon X and Y aka Pokémon Kalos should have ended.

Thank you, and remember, science rules!

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