It Started With a Fire - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


"With all due respect, young master," Sebastian begins with the continuing smirk. "Isn't that quite improper for an Earl such as yourself?" Ciel looks at his feet. "I'm aware of such facts..." He whispers through the sound of the sky still weeping. The butler brushes a stray strand of hair out of his master's eye. The room is fully illuminated through angry, silent, bolts of frantic electricity, forcing the vast window to shake with rain and wind. "Sebastian..." Ciel says, still looking into his butler's glowing crimson orbs.

"I am your humble servant," Sebastian chants, "whatever your will, will be. I will not betray you. I will not lie to you." "Then answer me this," Ciel asks, "are you, a demon, capable of emotions toward another besides that of a carnal desire?" The young lord takes a shuddering breath, trying to calm his fast-beating heart. Sebastian's lips turn up in a returned smirk.

"No, my lord."

Ciel stares down at his feet once more. "I see..." He frowns. "Young master, as I stated before, your wish is my command..." The Phantomhive butler leans a bit closer. "Perhaps your emotions may provoke the same within me." Sebastian finishes with a slight chuckle in his tone. A shiver scampers up Ciel's spine. Sebastian's gaze is full of mystery; of secrets kept for centuries, masked by a practiced personality...

Ciel closes his eyes. "Sebastian..." "Yes, my lord?" "I am going to sleep, please return to your duties." He releases a sigh, crawling back to his former position under the cold covers, retaking his facade. "You can leave, Sebastian..." His voice wavers, yet the butler only bows, silently exiting the room to loyally wait outside the door, waiting for sleep to overtake the Earl.

And yet, he does not sleep... For when he turns around in hopes to see his butler still at his side, he's met with the disappointment of human emotion; for such a creature as he cannot fathom these feelings into thoughts unless he is acted onto by another... Yet the question remains unanswered.

As Ciel turns with the ignorance of the demon's small act outside his door, his eyes focus in on the lighting dancing across the curtains, now being met with frequent explosions of thunder. He may think and stress over knowledge as his body stills and his mind wanders... But the human heart is still a thing all it's own, for as his eyes close lazily in eventual sleep, the aching in his chest remains.

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