It Started With a Fire - Chapter 8

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"You can't go!" Ciel clutches the shirt of the demon, tears spilling out of his eyes. He kneels down on the floor, his former butler bending down to try and shake his grip. "Ciel, listen to me!" Ciel's listen to me!" Ciel's blue eyes are crowded with misery, his child-like hand clenched into fists, knuckles white.

"No! No! I won't hear it! You have to stay with me! I-I-"
The boy suddenly looks up into red orbs.
"I'm only going to break your heart."
"I'd known as much, Sebastian..."
"I shall not allow you to let me."
Ciel's grip relaxes.
"Ciel, you deserve much more than this."
"I don't want more than this..."
A sigh echos around the sterile walls.
"I'd eventually have to consume your soul."
"I can't live without you, anyways... I'd been prepared from the beginning, Sebastian."
The young Earl is then embraced warmly, his blue eyes closing.
"Look at my hand"
Sebastian shows off his hand, turning it so Ciel can see the back.
"The seal is gone, your eyes are blue once more."
"So what? You can still stay!"
Small arms grip shoulders as his head in buried in Sebastian's chest.
"I cannot."
"Tell me why."
"Have you lost sight of what I truly am?" Comes the cold reply. Every inch of Ciel's body aches with the realization of this creature's original intentions.
"Rules are still rules. Time will keep moving, season will come; they will go... I will remain a demon, and you may whither in time." A silence ensues.
"I am sorry, I must disappoint."
"No..." Airs the distant reply, Ciel's voice shaking; weak and vulnerable. Sebastian could, (and may as well), eat his soul right here, and yet he simply stands, dark black wings sprouting from his back, feathers cascading down upon the two. Ciel slumps, his eyes staring at nothing.
"I bid you farewell."
A kiss is placed on fragile lips.
"I love you, Sebastian." Is all the boy can muster.
A nod, a chuckle.
Ciel's hands have fallen limp in his lap, hair covering the delicate face of a broken heart. He thinks: If I shouldn't die of a broken heart, I'd rather soon die of a chosen one. He had, in fact, let Sebastian do as much.
The silence is much to loud.
He'd wanted as much; he'd wanted to feel important... of impact.

He'd wanted to feel.

His reckless sobs fill the silence as his facade betrays him, leaving him there on the tile of the cold empty room.


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