It Started With a Fire - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


"This is what humans are, Sebastian! We're weak, stupid creatures who can't do anything right!" Sebastian holds his master in his arms as he kneels on the cold floor. After having yet another dastardly dream, Ciel now collapses into his butlers surprisingly warm emrace. "Young master, if you'd please listen..." Sebastian's calm voice resonates into Ciel's ear, sending a warm chill throughout his small frame.

Ciel sobs, shaking in his arms.

"Humans gave not been created to be perfect, my lord. Actually, it's quite the contrary... See, you humans are quite in fact here for the exact purpose of imperfection." Ciel's sobs slow a bit as he buries hi face in Sebastian's tailcoat.


"Yes, my lord?"

"How are you sure of such things?"

"Well, a Phantomhive butler who can't do this much isn't worth his salt."

A smirk taints the demon's lips as he lifts the child's chin up with a single gloved finger. Ciel's eyes stare at the butler in wonder as he leans a bit closer. "S-Sebastian..." The boy coos again as he closes his eyelids.

A pair of soft lips meet his, and his eyes snap open to see the sight of his butler's eyes closed in a kiss.

Ciel tentatively shuts his eyes once more,

kisses back...

And that was it.

Ciel's eye stings with a strenuous kind of pain as does the butler's marked hand, yet the feeling is ignored as they tilt their dancing jaws to deepen the kiss. Ciel can feel Sebastian snake a cool hand up his lean back to tug on the boy's hair. Ciel resists, forcing their lips back together. He wraps his arms around the servants' neck, letting himself fall back onto the soft pillows of the bed where they sat, feeling serenity overcome even the pain in his eye.

And yet, the pain increases, and he pulls away with a hiss. "S-Sebastian... I-it hurts..." Sebastian gives a small nod. Ciel opens his eyes to look at his butler as the young lord ponders his options. Ciel loved the demon so, yet what should the risk of exposure to this love entail? He dare not risk the contract seal be broken, yet he dare not risk the starvation of his heart...

He squeezes his eyes shut, connecting their lips once more as he feels the light smirk spread upon Sebastian's mouth as he grabs his hair once more, lightly tugging. Sebastian kisses him deeper, relishing in the feeling; ignoring the pain. He disconnects from Ciel's mouth as the Phantomhive gasps for breath.

The butlers soft lips ghost along his jaw, tracing sweet lines on the sensitive skin. His breath spills over Ciel's neck as he kisses the tender flesh.

Ciel gasps.

"St-stop!" Sebastian obediently pulls away, awaiting an explanation. "M-my eye.." His hand moves to covers his right orb as he grimaces in pain. "I-it's too much, now... Sebastian..."

Sebastian pulls Ciel's hand away, immediately noting the redness of the tender flesh. "Yes. It seems it is quite agitated." He says with a frown. Ciel's heavy breathing fills the room as he feels the familiar sting of tears approaching.

Hasn't he wept enough already?

Ciel embraces the butler, not wanting him to see him so weak again. "I-I think I'd like to sleep now..." The boy whimpers, slightly letting go. "Very well, my lord." Comes the reply as Sebastian begins to rise. Ciel's small hands grasping at arms prevents him from doing so. "P-please... Don't leave..." Sebastian smirks, nods, pulling the beautiful blanket over the young lord before slipping down beside him.

"Hold me." Whispers the hoy, drowning in the haze of near-sleep.

Sebastian's nimble arms dutifully we so around the Phantomhive as his breath slows...

"Yes, my lord."

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