It Started With a Fire - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

{Narrative POV}

White gloves unmask the window, letting sunlight sine into the Earl's vast bedroom, the tall trees outside throwing speckled shadows on to the intricate carpeting. "It's time to rise, young master." Ciel sits, wiping his tired eyes. Unsure of how to resolve of last night may arise, he simply stands to allow the butler to dress him, keeping his eyes glued to the fading wallpaper that blankets the manor in restless memories.

Sebastian mechanically lists off the menu items for breakfast, making swift work of dressing the Earl. Ciel nods in response, a distant look plastered on his face. "I'm not that hungry..." The child sits on the bed, tears glinting in his eyes, not quite threatening to spill out. Sebastian kneels in front of the young lord. Ciel closes his eyes, allowing his weight to lean upon the butler, his forehead resting upon his shoulder.

"Oh, Sebastian... I love you... But what'll become of this?" He wraps his nimble arms around the shoulders in front of him, his eyes remaining closed. "What'll become of this? Of me... I've foolishly sold my love to a demon who has already claimed my soul..." He gently nuzzles his petite nose into Sebastian's cold neck, gently breathing onto his collarbone.

"I do trust you... Yet I know such human emotions such as love are not graspable to you. I've come to the conclusion that you shall break my heart, and I am destined to let you, for I am one to prefer the cloak of night, yet it betrays me in sleep and forces upon the morning..." Sebastian's cruel lips turn up into a smirk at Ciel's poetic speech. "Ah, yes my lord... Yet daylight can be defeated, my young master..."

Ciel suddenly hisses as a sharp pain courses through his right eye. Sebastian feels a similar bout of pain caress his hidden hand, yet he does not flinch. "Beware, my lord... Sometimes daylight may be to bright to allow for such a pleasure..."

And with that, he bows and leaves.

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