It Started With a Fire - Chapter 5

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Chapter 5
The dog and the fly

Later that night, as the young Phantomhive sits in his office, the butler tidies up after the evening's festivities.

Left to his own mind, Sebastian allows his thoughts to wander...

Perhaps, thinks the butler, he is quite like a hound, bound tightly to his master... Perhaps he is tied in such a way by the promise of reward, or by the fear of punishment, but there's always that un-avoidable presence of love and loyalty that connects a K-nine to his master...

Yes, perhaps Sebastian has begun to transform into that type of a servant... He thinks of Ciel's beautiful eyes... He thinks of Ciel's strange and yet enticing, and beautifully forceful manner in which he speaks to Sebastian; demanding inhuman feats in which only he can accomplish.

He concludes, after a short while, that he has become the hound.

And as Ciel starts to finish up his work, his mind floats elsewhere. He realizes that he is much like a fly caught in a jar. Stuck within the confines of a contract, he knows full well how his end shall come... He has, indeed, fallen for the very one who is destined to end him in a brutal and unceremoniously fashion...

How foolish is he; allowing for such a mundane way of thinking sway him so?

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