It Started With a Fire - Chapter 6

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Chapter 6
Sterile hearts and running water

A knock is heard resonating on the door to Ciel's study.

"Young master."


The door creaks open, revealing the infamous Phantomhive butler. "It is time to prepare for bed." "Very well..." Ciel nods, standing to let Sebastian rid him of his shoes, his hat, his coat, his socks... It becomes harder and harder to bear this treatment from the servant, and as soon as Sebastian's nimble fingers begin the arduous unbuttoning of his blouse, the young boy stops him. "I-I can d-do it..." He blushes. "I see... Very well..." Is the blunt reply, as Sebastian stands to turn away, preparing a bath.

Ciel undresses down to his undergarments, sitting on the bed. His blush stained checks begin to sting as he feels the onset of tears.

His eyes water as the sound of the tap ceasing breaks it's way into his consciousness.

Sebastian bows and exits the room after so carefully placing a rigidly folded towel down on the counter.

As soon as he click of the door echoes through the empty halls, the tears fall in a cascade of bitterness down the boy's rosy checks.

Ciel's hollow life and his quite depressing predicament has left him here; a lonely boy sitting on his pampered bed, crying over circumstances in which he cannot change.

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