Making plans

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Jalen and I leave the coffee shop and walk around the neighborhood. "where do you think we should sleep" I ask seeing the sun setting and the night lamps turning on. "uhmm there is an abandoned building I saw about a mile back there" Jalen said turning around and retracing his steps.

About 45 minuets of walking later we arrive at a small corner store type shop. Jalen walks to the store and trys to open it but it wont budge. Jalen opens his left hand open and a small ice ball appeared in the air just below his hands. "wait" I said right before he threw the stone ice ball. "What" Jalen said with an annoyed look on his face. "what if there's an alarm and you trigger it with this crysral thing" I said pointing at the Crystal spinning an inch away from the door. "well how do you expect us to get in" Jalen said putting his wieght on one leg. I swung my arms towards the door and heard a click a second later. "like that" I said walking past him and opening the door. "Its so dark inside" Jalen said switching on a light switch. "Well atleast we have food" I said thinking of an upside to having to hide away in an old abandoned grocery store. Jalen said something but I was falling Into a deep sleep.

I laid in a hospital bed with straps binding my arms and legs. I struggled to break the straps but im don't have enough energy. I look to my left to see a girl strapped to a bed like me she has short blonde hair that's shoulder length. I look at what she is wearing which is a green longsleeve and blue jeans. On my right side is Jalen and he is struggling to break his also. The girl on the lefts starts to float then she opens het eyes to reveal complete orange. She claps her hands together and the whole room explodes sending everyone in it in different directions.

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