Feel the heat

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I opened my eyes slowly feeling my head start to pound. The sun instantly made me squint from its brightness. It took me about a minute to adjust to the brightness and start to walk. I looked around for Jalen but saw no trace of him. Everything that happened yesterday then came flooding back to me like a tsunami. The men, the flying,then the "Jalen, Jalen,"I shouted looking for around the bank of the lake. I heard footsteps come from behind some trees.

I focused on what ever object was behind the tree and lifted my hand and slowly made a fist. Successfully hearing the choking noise I hoped for I start to walk towards the keeping my gaurd up in case of any sneak attacks. In my telekinetic grip were my brother looking tired and pale along with a girl with blonde hair and red eyes.I let my hand fall along with my brother and the unknown girl. "What,the,heck,was,that for" my brother said between gasps for air.

"Sorry I didn't know it was you" I said looking around. "Its ok you couldn't have known, this is kasey she's one of us for real" he said putting emphasis on for real. "how do you know that" I said putting my weight on one leg. "look at her eyes only we have wierd eye colors and plus she has an elemental power" Jalen said pointing to kasey. "let me show you what I can do" she said giving me a pleading look. I gave her a slight nod letting her know she could start.  She thrust her hands out and fire shot out towards us but it never touched us. "what happened" kasey said with a confused look on her face. "Was something supposed to happen" Jalen said look kind of bored which made me giggle. "The fire was supposed so surround you but it just stopped, like there was some kind of force field around you" she said walking to us slowly. "I think I was you" jalen said pointing to me. "What are you talking about " I said feeling uncomfortable about being the center of attention. "well that could be a power of mental walls ,that could be used as some kind of force field right"Jalen said pointing to the  name tag I never ripped off.

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