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My eyes fluttered open to see every one infront of me. "What happened" I asked after I realised that there was a giant hole in the wall. "You had help get us out of here" Jalen said as he made a water ball and sent it towards my mouth. I drank the water eagerly and let out a sigh as I relized that we hadnt actually escaped yet. "Lets go before they notice that we've escaped" I said as I jumped to my feet and ran through the whole. "Where are the steps" I said as we sprinted through the halls. "They would expect us to take the stairs, we have to use the elevator" Kam said as we turned three more corners to see a large metal elevator door. "Ricky open the doors" Kam said. I focused on the door and imagined it opening, when I heard the creak of metal I opened my eyes. "Stand back"Kam said as he took a step back the threw green balls at the wires. I noticed after a while that the wires were thinning. I turned around to see three gaurds running towards us with tear gas. "Not again" I said as I flung my arm out and the three men went soaring through the air. "We have to go now I said as I lifted us up with my powers and levitate us to the top floor. "I dont think I have enough energy left to open these doors" I said as I began to weaken. "Everyone hold hands and walk" I heard Jalen say I grabbed Casey's hand and walked right through the door. I look around the room to see a group of teens standing up in fighting stances. But the most important thing that caught my attention were the teens in that group. "K -Kyle " I said as I looked into his eyes and saw that the regular color was replaced with a silverish green color. The other guy was from hot topic the night we went shopping, his eyes were a silverish purple color. Before I had a chance to think they launched themselves at us.

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