The plan Ricky POv

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"Okay what are we gonna do" I asked trying to think of a plan. "Well first we have to get out of this room then get to the top floor and save the others before they corrupt their minds or worse" Dani said touching the wall. "I tried to open the door with my power but it wouldn't budge" I said. "I tried to walk through it but I just hit my head and now I have a headache" Jalen said. "None of our powers work on the door we've all tried" Kam said sitting on a stack of boxes. Everyone stood there silent for a while then an idea hit me like a freight train. "I have an idea, if we converge our powers then mabey we could blast these walls." "Sounds like it could work" Kam said nodding with approval. "Everyone get in the center of the room, this is what we are going to do all of you are going to blast everything you have at me and I'll use my force field or whatever to contain it then throw it at that wall I said pointing to the wall with the door. Everyone gathered in front of me and stood in a fighting stance. "Go" I said before I fully concentrate. I could feel the heat and coldness getting throygh my weak force field. I looked at the big ball of blue,white,red,brown,and yellow. I took the ball and tossed it towards the door and for extra effectiveness I sent a wave of telekinesis behind it. BOOM. Dust flew all over the room. When it cleared I looked back at the guys and then everything went black.

And SCENE!!!!!!! :-) :-P

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