December 12-Mistletoe

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"Paaarty!" Niall shouted as he came walking into the dressing room on Saturday morning. 

"Was that today? I have to do laundry." Louis joked. Niall had been talking about his party nonstop for the last couple of days.

Niall looked upset.
"What? You have to come!" He screeched until he realized that Louis was messing with him.

"I'll be there Nialler. Relax!" Louis smirked.

On their way out to Santa's wonderland, Louis grabbed Harry's elbow lightly to catch his attention. He had been meaning to ask him something for days but he hadn't been able to because of nervousness and now he was running out of time. 
"Harry? Uhm, we live close to each other. Wanna go to Niall's party together?" He finally asked with a trembling voice.

"Yes!" Harry immediately answered and then he fell over but Louis managed to grab him before he fell to the floor again.

"You're such a clutz!" He giggled while he tried to steady him.

"Yeah, sorry." Harry answered. He felt embarrassed. He had been tripping over things for days now, as soon as he was near Louis.

"No need to apologize. It's cute as long as you don't get hurt." Louis smiled.

"Oh. Thanks!" Harry beamed.

"Guys!" Anna hissed and waved her hand impatiently at them.

"Your wife is lovely Santa." Louis smirked.

Harry let out something between a cackle and a snort and a bunch of children in line turned to stare at him as they were walking up to his chair.
"Stop making me laugh Lou. We're gonna scar these kids for life." He said in a low voice so only Louis could hear him.

"You have a wonderful laugh. They'll be fine." Louis grinned.

The day went by slowly. They were all excited about Niall's party. They had been working nonstop and needed to blow off some steam.

As soon as the workday was over they rushed to the dressing room. Harry was the last one to enter. Louis looked up at him with a smile that made him all flustered and he stumbled over his own feet but managed to grab a hold of the door frame so he wouldn't fall over. Damn it! Could he stop falling on his ass as soon as Louis looked at him?

They scattered after they all decided to show up at Niall's at eight. That would give them time to get home, get ready, and eat something before the party. Louis got off the subway train with a promise to meet Harry at the 19.34 train, in the third carriage.

Harry hurried home and ate some leftovers before he hit the shower. He took his time getting ready. He had spent the whole week deciding what to wear and had settled for some black pants with a high waist, and a red blouse so he would be in the Christmas spirit. He painted his nails red as well and put on a pearl necklace. After he had managed to tame his curls some he took one last look in the mirror. He was nervous. Louis had only seen him in casual clothes. He had an explicit taste in clothes that not everybody liked.

He hurried to get to the subway so he wouldn't miss the train and he made sure to enter the third carriage. Louis got on a couple of minutes later and he looked up and met his beautiful blue eyes as soon as he came onto the train and took a seat next to him.
"Hi." He said breathlessly with a smile.

"Hi, Haz." Louis smiled.

They small talked until they had to change trains to get to Niall. Ten minutes later they rang his doorbell and the door swung open revealing a smiling Niall.
"Welcome guys!"

The music was loud and the place was crowded. They took off their coats and laid them on the pile of jackets on the floor. Harry heard Louis let out a small gasp and turned his head to look at him. Louis was staring at him.
"What is it?"

"Nothing, look great!" Louis said with a shy smile.

Harry's heart fluttered in his chest.
"Thanks! So do you!" He beamed, happy that Louis approved his clothes.

Louis really looked great. He was wearing some blue skinny jeans and a grey sweatshirt that showed his collarbones and tattoos. He was sexy.

They walked into the living room. There must be at least thirty people there but they spotted Liam and Zayn in a corner and walked up to them to say hi. Niall came over and handed them a beer each and made a toast.
"To friendship!"

They all toasted with him.
"Great party Ni." Louis said with a smile.

"Enjoy yourselves!" Niall said and left to talk to some guys sitting on the couch.

They stayed in the corner and drank their beers. The music was too loud to be able to have a conversation. When they had finished their beers Louis leaned in to talk in Harry's ear.
"I brought vodka. Let's go to the kitchen and mix some drinks."

Harry nodded his head and they walked to the hallway to pick up Louis's bag with alcohol before they moved to the kitchen. It was quieter in there. All of a sudden Niall came running inside the kitchen.
"Mistletoe!" He yelled and pointed at the ceiling.

They looked up at the ceiling at the same time to find the plant duck-taped above them. Louis looked at Harry with glittery eyes and pink cheeks.
"Well, it's tradition. Do you mind?"

Harry's heart was beating really fast in his chest from excitement and nervousness.
"No, as you said, it's tradition."

Louis smiled briefly and then he got up on his toes and leaned in. He stopped when their lips were almost touching and looked Harry in the eyes before he closed the distance and pressed his lips against Harry's softly.

It was a little more than a peck but Louis pulled back almost immediately and gave Harry a shy smile. They turned around to find Niall grinning at them. Louis rolled his eyes at him and turned to the kitchen counter to mix them some drinks.

As the night proceeded they realized that Niall had taped mistletoes all around his apartment and as soon as they managed to end up underneath one he came running out of nowhere shouting "mistletoe!"

His agenda was pretty obvious but they humored him and kissed, both secretly enjoying it. As the alcohol clouded their minds they found themselves making out in the bathroom later that night, without any mistletoes present, and this time they used tongue. Louis pushed Harry against the door and ran his fingers through his hair while he took possession of his mouth. Harry wrapped his arms around him and pulled him closer. They kissed until they had to come up for air and they were both panting heavily.
"Shit!" Louis breathed out and stared into Harry's eyes, dark from lust.

"Yeah." Harry panted out, while he reflected on how Louis' eye color changed when he was turned on.

"I'm really enjoying this but I don't think that we should take it any further yet. Not here in Niall's bathroom, and not when we have been drinking." Louis said and smiled.  

"You're right. For the record, I'm also enjoying this." Harry grinned.

"Good. Can I take you out on a date tomorrow?" Louis asked nervously and removed his hands from Harry's hair.

"I thought you'd never ask!" Harry beamed.

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