December 16-Wonderful Christmastime

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"Same clothes as yesterday, again?" Zayn smirked as Harry and Louis entered the dressing room on Wednesday morning.

Harry immediately blushed and started to stutter something.
"Leave him alone!" Louis said and stroke Harry's back comforting.

He leaned into whispers to him.
"We can hang out at your place today so I can be the one who does the walk of shame tomorrow."

Harry giggled and nodded his head thankfully. They had spent every evening together since their date last Sunday when Harry had spent the night. There had been a lot of snogging going on but nothing more than that. Taking it slow was a good thing but it was driving them both crazy.

They were both giggling when they walked out to Santa's Wonderland.
"Stop flirting with the midget!" Anna said to Harry.

Louis looked offended.
"I'm an elf!"

"Whatever." Anna answered and rolled her eyes.

"Santa needs to file for a divorce." Louis muttered and Harry cackled.

"Santa prefers the elf any day." Harry said and winked.

"The children might
hear you." Zayn hissed.

"Oh my God! Rudolph's ass is talking! I can't believe it." Louis half-shouted and got hushed by Liam and Zayn while Harry tried to muffle his laugh.

They got into character and Harry took a seat. There was a long line of waiting children and they all played their part. Louis actually liked this job. Who would have thought? Seeing the smile on the children's faces when they got to meet Santa made up for the fact that he was spending Christmas alone. Or maybe not? Maybe he should ask Harry if he wanted to spend Christmas with him?
The idea made him excited beyond belief. He really liked the curled hair boy. They got along great and there was nothing wrong with the mutual attraction toward each other. Sparks were flying whenever they kissed. He just hoped that Harry could feel it too.

It was exciting and terrifying at the same time, meeting and getting to know someone that might be the one. Because that was how he felt about Harry. He might be it. He could feel it in the pit of his stomach. He couldn't really explain it. Of course, he hadn't uttered any of these thoughts out loud. Harry would run for the hills and think that he was crazy. They had only known each other for sixteen days. Maybe he was wrong altogether. Time would tell and he was in no rush. He wanted to do this right but Harry might be the best birthday and Christmas gift he had ever received.

As soon as the workday was over they hurried to get changed so they could catch the 18.11 train. Louis followed Harry home and now it was Harry's turn to be nervous, showing Louis his apartment for the first time.

He also lived in a one-room apartment with a kitchen. Louis looked around as soon as they had taken off their coats and shoes. Harry also had a single bed, neatly made. A small couch and coffee table stood in front of the tv. Louis peeked inside the bathroom.
"You have a tub? I'm jealous!" He huffed.

"Feel free to use it." Harry offered.

"Maybe we can take a bath together sometime?" Louis suggested with a flirty tone.

That meant that they would be naked. Harry liked the idea.
"Sure. Hungry? I can make us some pasta Alfredo?"

"You can cook?" Louis questioned.

"Yeah, I like to cook and bake. It's fun." Harry smiled while they walked inside the small kitchen.

"You're just perfect, aren't you?" Louis grinned.

Harry blushed.
"Not really."

"I beg to differ." Louis smiled.

Harry didn't know how to respond so he opened the fridge instead to find the ingredients he needed. Twenty minutes later they sat down on the couch to eat.
"Let's watch a Christmas movie!" Harry suggested.

He scrolled through Netflix.
"Love actually!" Louis said.

"I love that movie." Harry smiled and pressed play.

They ate in a comfortable silence after Louis had complimented the food. They snuggled as soon as they were done eating and watched the movie.
"This is nice." Harry commented.

"Yeah." Louis agreed and pecked his lips.

Harry smiled and put a hand on Louis's neck to kiss him properly. A minute later they were making out on the couch. It got heated quickly and Harry whimpered when Louis ground him.
"Harry, can I sort you out?" Louis asked.

"Fuck yes!" Harry growled.

They hurried to open their pants and started to kiss again while they helped each other get off. It didn't take much for them to come. Days of intensive make-out sessions had put them both on edge. They stared into each other's eyes as they climaxed and made a mess. After they had managed to catch their breaths Harry let out a liberating giggle.
"That was awesome!"

"It was and it was just the beginning." Louis smiled and pecked Harry's lips. He looked down on himself with a chuckle. "And I just ruined my sweatshirt. Niall won't let me hear the end of it tomorrow if I show up in this." He said and gestured at the sweatshirt.

Harry started to laugh and Louis joined in. When they had calmed down Harry gave him one last kiss before he rolled off the couch.
"You can borrow my clothes. I know you said that you were gonna do the walk of shame this time but I don't think this is what you had in mind." He smirked.

"I'm not regretting a second of it but I would like to borrow something. Thank you." Louis smiled.

Harry gave him a new sweatshirt and they finished the movie. Later when they were cramped up in bed together Louis remembered his idea earlier.
"Harry? Would you like to celebrate Christmas with me? We could ask the guys as well."

Harry broke out in a dimpled smile.
"I would love that! I've been kind of bummed out about celebrating Christmas alone. That's a great idea."

"I'm glad you think so." Louis answered before he nuzzled in with his arms around Harry. This would be an awesome Christmas after all.

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