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everyone was mad at boboiboy cuz because of him they failed a mission, so his friend ignored him every day. Suddenly, he...
Remnant [Completed] by _Amethyx_
Remnant [Completed]by (logged out)
❝You took me for granted. I am only human, not a God. So tell me, why should I save you when you didn't save me?❞ ❝Because that's what a hero does!❞ Boboiboy's eyes turn...
BREAK ME APART:Universe Guardian (BBBAU)(Completed) by Artiztic_Kurea
BREAK ME APART:Universe Guardian ( Kurea
AU name: Boboiboy Universe Guardian ⚠Disclaimer⚠~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⚠Boboiboy Galaxy belongs to Monsta⚠ But AU belongs to me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
SAY NO MORE by suyinluna
SAY NO MOREby suyinluna
Before he found himself in TEMPUR-A, Before he was pranked by Gopal & Fang, And before the happily ever after, There was first a dark warning that Boboiboy paid no heed...
Strength to Protect (A BBB AU Fanfiction) by SorameiTenebris
Strength to Protect (A BBB AU Soramei Tenebris
A BBB AU Fanfiction (Big Brother AU) Everything changed that day, and by that time, Boboiboy's role as a hero changed. He chooses this as a way to protect what truly mat...
BoBoiBoy Galaxy Fanmade Season Three by seraphinalakmana
BoBoiBoy Galaxy Fanmade Season SeraTheWriter
The question remains. What happened after BoBoiBoy defeated Vargoba? Sure, they hung out at Tempur-A, but what happened after that? Did they return to TAPOPS? What adven...
Define The Darkness by Enenyy
Define The Darknessby Darkie
"Listen to Justice! Last night, while I- Papa Zola- the hero of Justice, was roaming around the dark corridors... a dark scary monster with wings suddenly appeared...
Just a Weapon [Completed] by _Amethyx_
Just a Weapon [Completed]by (logged out)
❝Who are you, Boboiboy? A friend? A foe? Our saviour? Our death?❞ ❝No, Fang.❞ ❝Then what are you?❞ ❝I am a monster.❞
boboiboy x avatar the last aIr bender by IrisLunaFortune
boboiboy x avatar the last aIr iris Fortune
Boboiboy got sucked into a unknown place he soon realized that he is on a different planet but don't know how to get home the planet has powers of air, water, fire, and...
WE ARE TOGETHER (complete ✅) by ImmaTheAuthorUwU
WE ARE TOGETHER (complete ✅)by Mong Rin
Ok cerita ni ttg 5 elemental yg lama terpisah akibat..... benda yg teruk (?) atau lebih senang fitnah. Elemental yg berada di Pulau Rintis pun tak tau yg diorg ada adik...
Crossover : Boboiboy x BNHA (On The Rewrite Progress) by KTama20
Crossover : Boboiboy x BNHA (On Kisa Tamao
This life has many unexpected twist, like one time when a boy chase after a robot and ended up to find out that some alien planing to take over earth, making him and my...
Where Darkness Lives by galaxyfrostfreak
Where Darkness Livesby Shattered
BoBoiBoy wakes up after defeating Ratak'ka and is getting back to his normal life but there's something different about him. He's starting to go off on his own more and...
Elemental BoBoiBoy's by ArianaFlame
Elemental BoBoiBoy'sby MiariMisako
I created these for fun because I love BoBoiBoy so much and I have a big imagination... I hope you guys will enjoy! There are Ask n dares, one-shots and reactions! do re...
The Dark Element ( BBB fanfic) by CIA_story
The Dark Element ( BBB fanfic)by CIA_story
Feeling sad and lonely because of being abandon by his friends except for Yaya,Ochobot and Fang after one failed mission. Boboiboy begins to reflects on his meaning on l...
Hidden Power (On HIATUS atm) by Anastasia_Fleur
Hidden Power (On HIATUS atm)by Anastasia_Fleur
BoBoiBoy's been feeling unwell... And to add up to that problem a deep secret was gonna get revealed. What would happen if he unlocks a new element? But that. That . isn...
Parallel Encounter by KTama20
Parallel Encounterby Kisa Tamao
How did you feel when you accidently trapped in a pararel world, meeting you're self from there, but not just one individual but eight different person? Enjoy~ all chara...
boboiboy dark/lunar by IrisLunaFortune
boboiboy dark/lunarby iris Fortune
this happens after movie 2, went boboiboy and his friends were on a mission boboiboy accidentally sent out blaze ice and thorn together he let the villain escape with on...
Boboiboy Dark/Lunar Shenanigans by ScrewZara
Boboiboy Dark/Lunar Shenanigansby ScrewZara
Basically a book about all my thoughts on Boboiboy Dark/Lunar Boboiboy and Boboiboy Galaxy belong to Monsta, however, Boboiboy Dark/Lunar is fanon (Very crappy) Cover ma...
BoBoiBoy Galaxy: A New World by Xalerino
BoBoiBoy Galaxy: A New Worldby Xal
Knowing that winning is unobtainable without the power to overcome it. On the verge of actually going to die in the vacuum of space, his Solar element awakened and deliv...
The Penumbral Shadow by Disney1706
The Penumbral Shadowby Miks
After some pretty traumatic events, Boboiboy and the gang were given 2 weeks of vacation. Halfway through it, Boboiboy suddenly had a nightmare. He shrugged it off at fi...