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Percy Jackson: Xenoverse by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
Percy Jackson: Xenoverseby Fire Hero: Inferno
It has been 2 years since the fight against Gaea, and the "power couple" is still going strong... But what would happen when 5 young girls show up out of nowhe...
Dragon Ball Kakarot by Imcosmicklaw
Dragon Ball Kakarotby Imcosmicklaw
One decision would change the fate of universe. From the benevolent Saiyan born on Earth, Goku would be just another low class warrior on Planet Vegeta. Or would he? May...
A Warrior's Return by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
A Warrior's Returnby Fire Hero: Inferno
5 years. That is how long it's been since Percy Jackson and his friend Luke Castellan went missing just weeks after the Giant War. In those 5 years, the Olympians are to...
Too Strong (OP Male Saiyan Reader x dragon ball Z/Super) by Aquietgamer
Too Strong (OP Male Saiyan Son Kakarot
You are 1 year younger than Gohan you turned into a super Saiyan during the 3 years before the androids but as we approach the cell games and you enter the time chamber...
Cell's Maximum Copy! by AuthorDeadpool
Cell's Maximum Copy!by Dylan Robbins
A man gets reborn into the Dragon Ball realm as Cell's clone from Super but start out as a Imperfect Model and stable, will he reach Perfection and help the heroes or wi...
The Daughter of Gogeta by ghostofIzukuMidoriya
The Daughter of Gogetaby Fire Hero: Inferno
After the Giant War, the Seven are offered Godhood and only 6 of them accept. Afterwards, Percy is confronted by Chaos who combines his soul with the soul of a powerful...
Fairy Tail : Kakarot by ChildOfBeast13
Fairy Tail : Kakarotby Sage of the 6 sayians
The Fiore Kingdom. A neutral country with a population of 17 million. It is a world of magic. Magic is bought and sold there like anything else, and is deeply ingrained...
{Hybrid Saiyan of Kouh} DXD X Female Hybrid Saiyan Dragonball X DxD Crossover by MommyArlecchino
{Hybrid Saiyan of Kouh} DXD X 1-800-CHOKE-THAT-HOE
After the death of her father during the cell games, Son Golin along with her older brother Gohan and their mother Chi-chi move away from west city to Japan. One day whi...
Revenant Wrath by hellhound2356
Revenant Wrathby hellhound2356
A demon? Saiyan? Both?
Goku Black x Reader  by KilluasHorizon
Goku Black x Reader by bakugostan69
Ok so basically, this is just one big story of how you and Goku Black came to be; Basically, you're a saiyan from earth but you didn't exactly know about Goku, Vegeta an...
The Third Saiyan by ArcticFox20
The Third Saiyanby Lone Wanderer
What if Vegeta and Goku weren't the only two Saiyan children to escape? What if a third Saiyan born a few years before Goku was dispatched to Earth? Follow the journey o...
The Story of Katarina, the Saiyan Girl [DBZ Awards] by KatarinaTheSaiyan
The Story of Katarina, the Katarina ♡
My name is Akari . Well my Saiyan name is Katarina and thats what I have lately been called... I am the twin sister of Goku, and I am a Saiyan. Many things have happened...
Female Goku x Male Reader: Love of a Saiyan  by UncleGut
Female Goku x Male Reader: Love Smokey
A young saiyan at the age of 18 wanders through the forest thinking he could expect anything. But he wasn't expecting to meet the most important thing in his life
Dark legacy  by DJMM15
Dark legacy by Vortex’s Multiverse
The story of a god named Zamasu who wahted nothing but "true divine Justice" and he almost achieved it after taking the body of universe seven's Son Goku and w...
Finding Hope by Oh_JiminV
Finding Hopeby Alexis Scott
A young girl from the same future as future Trunks has to deal with the death of her father. Her older brother trains her but is soon killed by the androids after a shor...
A Mother's Touch (DBZ fanfic) by HannahNealey
A Mother's Touch (DBZ fanfic)by Goku! (◕‿◕✿)
The story changes when Gine escapes planet Vegeta with her son Goku. Watch how different the storyline and how much a mother will be able to change the outcomes of her s...
Saiyan Princess's Servant ( Male Reader x female Vegeta )  by PUNK_YUSUKE
Saiyan Princess's Servant ( Male Ultra Punk
Y/n L/n is a Saiyan born of a noble family loyal to the royal family of Vegeta, and the young Saiyan is charged with the role of being Princess Vegeena's bodyguard.
THE ROSE OF UNIVERSE 6 by OkraTheSinOfWriting
THE ROSE OF UNIVERSE 6by OkraTheSinOfWriting
a Saiyan hybrid X vados fanfiction
Future of the Saiyans [A Dragon Ball Z Fanfiction] by saibugs
Future of the Saiyans [A Dragon Chelsea McPherson
When a mysterious creature attacks Earth, Vegeta wishes a small group of Saiyans back to life to aid the Z-Fighters. But what happens when the creature can possess other...
Dragon Ball x Reader by TheWindWrym
Dragon Ball x Readerby Midgardsormr
I'd thought I'd put my foot in this spot of fanfiction I hope you like it :) Everything you need to know before reading is in the intro Enjoy!