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My Saiyan Academia: Gohan and Deku Future Heroes (DragonBall x My Hero Academia) by adollashinra
My Saiyan Academia: Gohan and adollashinra
It's been five whole years since the defeat of the terrifying Cell at the hands of the half-Saiyan child, Son Gohan. Of course, due to the loss of footage, the world was...
The True Saiyan Warrior (OC Saiyan Reader) by Rickey350
The True Saiyan Warrior (OC Rickey350
A Saiyan Warrior name Xyro, who wants to become the strongest one of all the saiyans, Goku and his family and friends are helping him by the meaning to live on the Earth...
Dragon Ball:  Pride Of A Saiyan ( Male Saiyan Reader x Android 18 ) by Dankius
Dragon Ball: Pride Of A Saiyan ( Dankius
You know why you're here. After bio just skip to part 6. Ignore the rest And somehow #1 in android18 and db at one point
The Never Resting Saiyan|    Female goku x male reader x female vegeta by divinityforeternity
The Never Resting Saiyan| divinityforeternity
A man with everything has no time for rest.. Every time he turns the corner a new enemy approaches.. 2 wives and himself is all that stands.. In the end will he prevail...
Dragonball Z- Sibella- The Last Saiyan Girl by StarlineStories
Dragonball Z- Sibella- The Last StarlineStories
Sibella- The only daughter of Raaz & Zane - members of Planet Vegeta's Elite Warriors. Planet Vegeta is under attack, everyone is called to fight! But Raaz and Zane mana...
Basically yor yhe god of destruction for universe Seven. In this world Beerus decided to retire a bit early and passed the job to you. Enjoy. I don't Own dragon ball or...
My Saiyan Academia: God among Primates (Finished) by DeathInstinct25
My Saiyan Academia: God among DeathInstinct25
Izuku Yagi, awakening his True Saiyan Power and more
What if Tanjiro was a Pure Saiyan? (DB X KNY) by Burnzy_005
What if Tanjiro was a Pure 🗿🗿
Cover Credit: Einlee Source: DeviantArt. *Heavy Manga spoilers will be displayed inside this book* *This story also contains violence and mild & heavy language* What if...
I'm Reborn Into Dbz As A Saiyan  by JokerJay75
I'm Reborn Into Dbz As A Saiyan by JokerJay75
A young man named Jason saved the daughter and grandson of God from her abusive husband who stabbed him. Feeling grateful, God and her daughter rewarded him by reincarna...
Crimson Masked Villain? (Finished) by DeathInstinct25
Crimson Masked Villain? (Finished)by DeathInstinct25
you will have to read to find out more
Dragon Ball Super: Cooler's Wrath by BijouBot
Dragon Ball Super: Cooler's Wrathby Bijou Bot
As Frieza tries to revive his empire after his resurrection, it catches the eye of Cooler, his brother, who deems Frieza weak and takes full control before setting his s...
Dragon Ball: What if  by kingofanime1234
Dragon Ball: What if by dbzmaster
Buu saga:When Goten sees his Mother being killed by Majin Buu in brutal way, everything change for him. He'll unlock power to surpass everyone even his Father, Son Goku...
Earths Next Protector (Male Reader x DBZ harem) by Aztec1693
Earths Next Protector (Male Aztec
Y/n son the twin brother of gohan and son of goku and chichi follow his journey as he follows his fathers foot steps to become the strongest in the universe will he surp...
Highschool DxD: The Divine Mortal  by TheAceOfRoses
Highschool DxD: The Divine Mortal by TheAceOfRoses
Note:Some of you may remember this story, I took it down since many people kept saying it was cliche. I looked over it more and realized how I can make it better. Hope y...
Saiyan descendants by davis8318
Saiyan descendantsby The evil Saiyan! Cumber!
Home. We saiyan's lost our true home long ago. Now we see that word as a different meaning. You and your brother are descendants of the proud saiyan race, but you live i...
A Female Saiyan In A World Of Hero's (My Hero Academia x Female Saiyan Reader) by DarkGhost02
A Female Saiyan In A World Of Dark Ghost
Son Y/N Twin of Son Gohan Daughter of Son Goku and Chi Chi and Second Child of the Son Family after the tournament of power Y/N was in a slump and was having a tough tim...
A Saiyans Power & Pride (Male reader x Dbz girls) by MicMalHamilton
A Saiyans Power & Pride (Male MicMal Hamilton
(Y/N) is a Saiyan who crash lands on earth the same as Goku except one thing, he isn't raised by Grandpa Gohan. When he helps the z fighters with buu, he ends up saving...
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Destroyer of Heroes, Izuku (Finished) by DeathInstinct25
Destroyer of Heroes, Izuku ( DeathInstinct25
Izuku awoke a Ancient Power, the Power of his Prior Incarnation, the Power of Kakarot, a long time Defender of the Planet, but while training with Uub, who got a clean s...
Legendary Saiyan Izuku (Finished) by DeathInstinct25
Legendary Saiyan Izuku (Finished)by DeathInstinct25
Izuku was born, as the Reincarnation of the Legendary Saiyan, but noone knew this, he goes through basically the same Childhood and so on, until he is rejected by his Id...