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Hate Turned into Love by logan_2009
Hate Turned into Loveby Momolicious
Sequel to Stand by me..... Naisha's mother died in a car accident when she was just 3 years old. From that day, Naisha lived with her dad, Kartik. What happens when one...
when the villainess get a second chance by mieldulce16
when the villainess get a second MHE_KY
P.s this is not my story. Synopsis Marianne e de Luca got married to the Arch Duke of Forchestier Empire, as his second wife. In the greed to have her own child, with he...
KAIRA FF: ♡♡ PYAAR KE LIYE ♡♡[✔] by logan_2009
KAIRA FF: ♡♡ PYAAR KE LIYE ♡♡[✔]by Momolicious
Kartik, a business tycoon of 34 is a single dad to 4 children - Siya, Aatish, Ahana and Sahil. Siya and Aatish are twins, they are 14. Sahil is 10 while Ahana is the you...
Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Brother (1) by Alisha_Nasibdar
Reincarnation: I Married My Ex's Alisha Nasibdar
"Marry me. Once we're married, I will be loyal to you for life-as long as you keep me alive." Qiao Jiusheng was pushed into the water by her older twin sister...
(MTL)Dressed as the stepmother of the beautiful and powerful male protagonist  by Darkknight123457
(MTL)Dressed as the stepmother Maria Aguirre Author: Fu Yaoqing Category: Rebirth through time Release time: 2022-05-13 Latest: Chapter 98 rebirth finished 351,000 Nan Yu woke up a...
MaNan - Punar Vivah by janvi099
MaNan - Punar Vivahby Janvi
Wattpad deleted my account but still here I am again with my story Punar vivah ♡. This is a story of Manik Malhotra, who has stopped living his life for his daughter Aar...
My idol is my stepmother? (Lauren/You) by lmjmyhappiness
My idol is my stepmother? ( Lauren girl ♡
Y/N is the daughter of Tyrone William Griffin in art Ty Dolla $ign Her mother left her and her dad when she was 15 years old After three years her dad starts dating a gi...
My new step brothers by insaniumgirl
My new step brothersby Late night
Rosalyn isn't your usual 11 year old, she is smart really smart Which is basically what she used when her parents were always gone since the young age of 4 she has been...
Miss Faye by Once_There
Miss Fayeby Łäđÿ PéâřŁ
"W-What are you doing sir? This is inappropriate!" Gracious! What is this man doing?! He pressed me closer in his chest that not even a needle can pass. &qu...
PRIORITIES (Completed) by chaitali_14
PRIORITIES (Completed)by Chaitali
Tiara Collins. A Daughter, a Sister, a Best Friend, a Girl with a Passion for Music, a Girl with Priorities. She's her mother's pride and her father's life. She's her...
My Secret Love❤😚 (Completed) by KashishNaaz
My Secret Love❤😚 (Completed)by Allhamduillah
Kya?? Concept dekhna hai? toh book kholo na buddhu (COMPLETED)
The Bad Girl and the Boys by ____GhostGirl____
The Bad Girl and the Boysby Ghost Girl
This is not a story about a good girl. This is a story about a bad girl and her boys. ...
Blind Love by missk11_
Blind Loveby ᴋɪʀᴛʜᴀɴᴀ
Beyond far of just being a plus size woman, Nicola Burnes is black and the softest yet tenderest person. After confronting a crying child, she ended up adopting him as h...
Hideaway  by Blackrose2027
Hideaway by Rin
(Previously known as The Cinderella's Bad Boy) ------- "Be your own kind of Cinderella" ............ (Extended Summary inside) All Rights Reserved. (Cover by...
Layla And Her Stepbrothers (On Hold) by Ksslime10
Layla And Her Stepbrothers (On Ksslime10
"I have an idea!" Josh says from the floor. "Oh god." Axel groans. "I swear it's a good one this time!" ~~~~ Layla King is an average fourt...
My Stepmother by AleiahBasalo
My Stepmotherby Aleiah Basalo
Our Mom died and we have our stepmom Her name is Leni Gerona Robredo
Feel Special  by LisaNq7
Feel Special by Lisakhanya♡
There are one of those days... Days when I suddenly feel all alone... When I feel like I don't belong anywhere And my head is hanging down Whenever those days come, you...
Once Upon a Prince by Kendallmariie
Once Upon a Princeby Kendallmariie
A Cinderella tale with a modern twist. Raylynn wants to be loved but also wants to get away from her father, step-mother, and step-sisters but she may need the help of...
My Step-Brothers Don't Do Love by autisticbeauty
My Step-Brothers Don't Do Loveby eilidh
Jayden Lynch a 17 year old boy who had been through hell and back, bullied to his mother passing away. He had to move in with his dad who remarried a woman who has sons...