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My Mr. Mermaid by Illya_lix
My Mr. Mermaidby illya
*THIS STORY IS NOT MINE* *FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY* As a professional swimmer, Tang Yi-Bai conquered the masses with his looks alone, earning himself the title...
Our Omega Coach is Gold-Class by gguwon
Our Omega Coach is Gold-Classby your laozi, du zhe
〖ENGLISH TRANSLATION + MTL〗 ㅤ Alternate Title:ㅤ金牌教练 ; Gold Medal Coach Author:ㅤDie Zhiling Status in COO:ㅤOngoing (??? Chapters) ㅤ DESCRIPTION There was a legendary play...
Sweet Rustic Love Four Brothers Love by sweet254
Sweet Rustic Love Four Brothers sweet254
Offline purposes only. Credits to creator. Original site: Synopsis Sold by her own grandmother to become...
Transmigrating Into The Heartthrob's Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend by UuHhUhUhUh
Transmigrating Into The Your Wife, Sister AJ Kate!
The protagonist shou, Xie Sui, was a proud son of heaven. He had an illustrious family background, was cold and removed from desire, and attracted many (psychopathic) ad...
I Was Admitted To The Villain School by Zhuyuri
I Was Admitted To The Villain Hoshino Zhuyuri
this is not my story!! For Offline propose only!!!! Lin Xinghe, who used to be the villain of a Mary Sue novel, received an acceptance letter from the Modern Era Departm...
Awakened Multi-talented Goddess Is Doted by light_ryuk
Awakened Multi-talented Goddess light
THIS STORY IS NOT MINE!!! FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSE ONLY!!! Alternative 全能夫人被宠成了小娇娇 Author(s) Strawberry-Flavored Moonlight Synopsis Mu Sheng had researched quantum...
The ultimate blue sea by kiMjinkJ
The ultimate blue seaby Kim Jin
Zhongji Lanyin/The Ultimate Blue Seal The story of how a little weakling of a loser who can't do anything but eat, drink, and have fun, and who's been dumped on top of...
Please Control Your Guide by gguwon
Please Control Your Guideby your laozi, du zhe
〖EDITED MTL〗 ㅤ Alternate Title:ㅤ请控制住你的向导素 Author:ㅤGreen Plum Sauce Status in COO:ㅤCompleted (78 Chapters + 4 Extras) ㅤ DESCRIPTION Ying Xize, the youngest scientific res...
The Flower of Evil's Foresight by Fliiro
The Flower of Evil's Foresightby Fliiro
- With this. Your family is ruined! Such line, is from the man I suppose to marry. I, Akane Sakumano from the prestigious Sakumano clan has lost from a simple girl. The...
Blood-Sucking Empress by Kingshi2
Blood-Sucking Empressby Pienpen
When she first transmigrated into the body of the Empress, she didn't care about how strong her cultivation was or what the strength of the country was, but only how man...
GETEX - GXG  by yrusoogayy5ever
GETEX - GXG by 4EverMerry&Gayyy
Getting To Know Your Ex-Girlfriend Xin Lan used to be in the villain department, but then went to the face-slapping department and became a professional ex-girlfriend. S...
Su Wan is a Realm Destroyer. She shuttles to different time-spaces using the identity of the "Cannon Fodder Ex-Girlfriend", dedicated to plotting how to happil...
Reborn into an Otome Game as a Capture Target by shadow-cat8
Reborn into an Otome Game as a Shadow-cat8
Lucien Starr was the next head of a big, powerful mafia family. On his way to get engaged, he suddenly gets transferred to another world. There he finds out that Goddess...
I've Been Pregnant For Ten Years Without Giving Birth by MidnightMoonTrans
I've Been Pregnant For Ten Years Midnight Moon
Alternate Name: 我怀胎十年就是不生 Author: 阿纲纪事 Status: 60 Chapters + 1 Extra (Completed) Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Shounen Ai, Supernatural, Xianxia Original Publisher (Raw): Jjw...
Rebirth;Han Strikes Back(ဟန် ပြန်လည်သိမ်းပိုက်ခြင်း) by ThikNanPaing5
Rebirth;Han Strikes Back(ဟန် ပြန်လ Thik Nan
Rebirth ကြိုက်သူတွေအတွက် သူငယ်ချင်းနဲ့ ချစ်သူက သစ္စာဖောက်ပြီး သတ်ပစ်တာကိုခံလိုက်ရတဲ့ ဟန်ဟောက်ယွမ်၊ သူ့ကို အရင်ကတည်းက တစ်ဖက်သတ်ချစ်ခဲ့တဲ့ ကျောက်ကျင်းလွေ့ လွန်ခဲ့တဲ့ ၂နှစ...
Cute Beast World: Beast Husband, Memeda! by Swaggilisa
Cute Beast World: Beast Husband, -𝘼𝙍𝙄𝘼𝙉𝙉𝙀
Lin Huanhuan never expected that she could transmigrate by simply soaking in the bath! So be it if she had transmigrated but what is up with tranmigrating into a beast w...
Conquering Worlds: The Cultivating Celestial by Realm_Spirit
Conquering Worlds: The Realm_Spirit
When Li Yue met an unforseen disaster on one night, she didn't expect she would get betrayed by someone close. At the same night, she managed to stumble in an ancient ru...
New Times, New Hell by UuHhUhUhUh
New Times, New Hellby Your Wife, Sister AJ Kate!
Yu Zhengdu joined a small start-up company that claimed to offer "life management services" a programmer. On his first day in office, he received a pho...
YOHAN revised (s1, s2, s3) by KiraLaCroix26
YOHAN revised (s1, s2, s3)by Kira La Croix
Ang Yohan ay isang old story na nirevise at binago ng husto para lalong umayon at pumasa sa panlasa ng mga minamahal kong mambabasa. Upang makapagbigay ng mas maayos at...
[BL] Biting your Fingertips by z0_leVouGh
[BL] Biting your Fingertipsby 𝑃𝑎𝑟𝑘 𝐽𝑒𝑜𝑛 𝐽𝑖𝑘𝑜𝑜�...
Story Title: Biting your Fingertips Author(s): Su Jingxian 苏景闲 Status in COO: 88 Chapters (Completed) Associated Names: 咬上你指尖 𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 Chu Yu was good-look...