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The Hermitcraft Daycare AU by KeichiAkechi24
The Hermitcraft Daycare AUby bibble
Tango had a little accident while testing his inators, and turned more than half of the hermit population to 3-5 year olds. The other hermits will have to work together...
Love and Despair (A Hermitcraft Au) by JustAnAverageFreak
Love and Despair (A Hermitcraft Au)by Mya!?
Evil Xisuma is released from The Void after being banished into the black abyss two years before. Now he's back in Hermitcraft, and the Hermits don't know what to think...
The Fourth Star (COMPLETED) by thathermitweirdo
The Fourth Star (COMPLETED)by Weirdo
~~~~~~~ Xisuma was an admin appointed by the Watchers. He is stuck under their control, and he hates every second of it. He's forced to let the watchers look through his...
The Starverse Hermits by poweraph
The Starverse Hermitsby Abandoned
This book will be full of one shots, short stories, and randomness involving the hermits. I've got many ideas and I will take requests!
Hermitcraft incorrect quotes by paradisLO
Hermitcraft incorrect quotesby PARA
Most of these quotes were submitted by friends and shit lmao. Beware of some swearing I guess. A few of the quotes are a bit romantic (?) or some shit, so any chapter wi...
Crazy Hermitcraft 6 Stories ;)  by KeichiAkechi
Crazy Hermitcraft 6 Stories ;) by Keichi Chan
These are just random stories of the hermitcraft season 6, (also it's confirmed that I love writing anything with Mumbo and Joe 😂) But I enjoy making stories for other...
Hermit AU Book! by poweraph
Hermit AU Book!by Abandoned
For all the au's (That I create/find and want to write about)
Egg and Soldiers by RaeTheStar
Egg and Soldiersby RaeTheStar
Grian can't help but notice that Doc has been very secretive about his project lately, and it's really bothering Ren. And, now that he thinks about it, Scar's been rathe...
Hermitcraft Ideas and Stories by Coolrena
Hermitcraft Ideas and Storiesby Evil Cinna-Bun Rena
Stories and story ideas. Like my ideas? Feel free to use them, but credit me and tag me in them so I can see!
Hermitcraft one-shots by Indominus_Gaming
Hermitcraft one-shotsby Animal school is hard too, sa...
Just a bunch of stories about Hermitcraft season 6, mostly Grian
Hermitcraft Oneshots  by Fuckboy_repellant
Hermitcraft Oneshots by Fuckboy repellent
these are old, i see your comments, i'm sorry lmao this is all based in season 7 i'm probably not gonna keep making any of these so :D enjoy what's there tho Damnit I g...
Hermitcraft Oneshots :) by JustAnAverageFreak
Hermitcraft Oneshots :)by Mya!?
Welcome, peoples, to my book of Hermitcraft oneshots, incorrect quotes, and correct quotes. ;) (I drew the cover btw)
Hermitcraft One-shots by ThiccKitty8
Hermitcraft One-shotsby ThiccKitty8
It's exactly as the title suggests, I also do not own the cover art.
Gifted: Hermitcraft by _StormDweller_
Gifted: Hermitcraftby Irene
(Cover by someone else who's not me- and I have no clue who they are) (Also, I MIGHT create a new personality for the hermits, since I have trouble with already existing...
Creature's Fate (Hermitcraft AU) by JustAnAverageFreak
Creature's Fate (Hermitcraft AU)by Mya!?
Twenty-four strangers, all hiding from the magic inside that leaves them broken and alone, stumble upon each other, leading to them finding out that, despite what they m...
Back in Time | Hermitcraft AU by Thysted
Back in Time | Hermitcraft AUby Amethyst
Pearl finds herself completely alone on the server, after having defeated everyone in war. The thrill of battle has vanished, and the feeling of emptiness is slowly sett...
HermitCraft Things And Shit(Mainly Doc Focused) by JerAndYmeAreGriDs
HermitCraft Things And Shit(Mainly...by AAAAAAAAAAAA-
Hello, welcome to my Hermit hellhole- This is just where I drop my Hermit oneshots and my personal rant-shots I don't do requests because uh..yeah my lazy ass won't do e...
Watching (Watcher!Grian AU) by -y-tho-
Watching (Watcher!Grian AU)by Buddy 🧸
[DISCONTINUED] !!!this WAS a continuation of a book called "loved" by @CEPHALOTUS :) I am okay with giving away the story to anyone who wants to continue it fo...
Hermitcraft Oneshots by paulamm2
Hermitcraft Oneshotsby paulamm2
Basically any ships except for Grumbo (obviously, since you can read that on my other book if you'd like)
The Unforgettable Hermitcraft 7 by KeichiAkechi24
The Unforgettable Hermitcraft 7by bibble
Hermitcraft 7 nonesense