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woof    (Complete) by RoyalKirin
woof (Complete)by Kirin
The nogitsune killed alison and the pack was morning her however it also fucked with stiles. Derek x stiles Bad friends, neglectful john (just doing his job), fox stiles.
Werefox by reesesd1191
Werefoxby Reese
Stiles didn't really think that he would ever find a family in a pack of wolves- or a boyfriend, but some things are surprising, aren't they? After a werewolf is thrown...
Never Trust A Fox  by DesireeCartrette
Never Trust A Fox by Desiree Cartrette
Stiles is no longer possessed by the nogitsune, he can finally rest easy.. but months pass and the nightmares and hallucinations were starting to make a reappearance, al...
Not Just Human... by drowningin_thefandom
Not Just Human...by Moonshine (Dee)
The Pack thinks Stiles is just a fragile human and that he needs protection 24/7...little do they know stiles isn't as helpless as they make him out to be... (Further de...
Sourwolf's Mate by Roguewolf99
Sourwolf's Mateby Angela Thornton
Stiles Stilinski, a young 17 year old Werefox is being held prison by a group of hunters. He's been tortured for months and is just wishing for death. He knows nobody is...
Monsters x Reader one shots by MMA1999
Monsters x Reader one shotsby Bluestar Cat
I've kind of been reading more monster stories lately and thought "oh this could be fun if I wrote one shots." Simply for fun if you love these things that spo...
Secrets of the Silver Fox by lonediva
Secrets of the Silver Foxby lonediva
Secrets of the Silver Fox and Company 0.5 Queen of Tricks They call her a thief, a liar, a murderer, a traitor. They call her the Silver Fox and the Queen of Tricks. ...
The dark wolf and the kit (Sterek AU)(boyxboy) (ON HOLD) by KittenGirl5214
The dark wolf and the kit (Sterek...by Kitten
(ON HOLD) Stiles is a 12 year old were-fox, when he is left by his mother when he was shot from hunters. Derek is a 14 year old were-wolf when he finds a little fox in s...
Stiles The Avenger by werewolf7745
Stiles The Avengerby Son Of Stope
Stiles kept a secret from the pack. When Scott bit the nogitsune, Stiles was also effected he became a Werefox with all the power and tails of the kitsune that possesse...
Lost then found (sterek fanfiction) by silas1365
Lost then found (sterek fanfiction)by silas1365
Stiles has been missing for 7 years, but what happens when he Is found? And what happens when he isn't the same stiles that went missing all those years ago? Feral stile...
Stiles' secret family by MCF135
Stiles' secret familyby MCF13
At first glance you may think that Stiles is just a normal guy but you're badly mistaken. And that's what Derek and the rest of the pack is soon going to find out. Basic...
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Adopted by thenotsocrazylunatic
Adoptedby Lunatic
ADOPT əˈdɒpt/ verb past tense: adopted; past participle: adopted 1. legally take (another's child) and bring it up as one's own. 2. choose to take up or follow (an idea...
The Foxes Secret by 17bucklesl
The Foxes Secretby Britishbitch
Stiles is keeping a secret He is a Werefox with heterochromia Hunters from his past are in town will people find the truth or will he be able to keep it hidden with grea...
Five Supernaturals by iSlytherinPrincess
Five Supernaturalsby ThatSkateboardGirl
With a group of five teens in a high school for supernaturals. What could go wrong? Let me answer that question for you: A LOT. With Ghost having anger issues; Noir bein...
You really have to learn not to trust a fox - Sterek by ColbysLilPeep
You really have to learn not to tr...by Lila 🫶🏻
After stiles father dies stiles takes off leaving the pack to deal with what he left behind, what happens when he comes back? Is he still the same old sarcastic skinny b...
A Different Kind (✔️) by anwcamolover
A Different Kind (✔️)by Na.bsh13
~Completed and Not Edited~ Being a fox shifter is one thing, being a black shifter is a whole other thing. Fox shifters are rare as they are. There are only enough to ma...
Sterek Stories - A Collection - I by ilse_writes
Sterek Stories - A Collection - Iby Ilse
Collection of Sterek fanfics. - Campground - Anchor (the Anchor series also has a separate book) - The one where Stiles knits Derek a scarf - K-9 - Officer Goodbody - My...
My Foxy Mate by leahiscrazy999
My Foxy Mateby Leahiscrazy999
A regular girl in a regular town finds a fox that isn't like any other. A unusual guy with a unusual gift where he can shape shift into a wolf. Layla is driving home on...
Derek & Stiles love life by Mind_Wander
Derek & Stiles love lifeby Terminus160
This is a story that Stiles gets kidnapped a long time ago. Then pack find pictures of him and Derek when they finished rebuilding the hale house and started moving in...
The Fox and Her Twin Mates  by sw33tdays
The Fox and Her Twin Mates by 🧡Topaz🧡
Topaz is the only fox in a pack of wolves. She doesn't think she has a mate, but little does she know that the moon goddess has something special planned for young Topaz...