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Multiple Anime reacts to COTE by shadowmonarch325
Multiple Anime reacts to COTEby 綾小路清隆
As I said , quintessential quintuplets, Oregairu, Kaguya sama: Love is war, Hyouka, Rascal does not dream of bunny senpai will react to Ayanogod and his life in ANHS Th...
A Soldier's Homecoming || Hachiman x Yukino || (COMPLETED) by ShitsAndOrGiggles
A Soldier's Homecoming || Hachiman...by oduraWaZ
"You're the only person who hasn't changed." Yukinoshita's words echoed through my ears which have been deaf for my entire life. She exits the house, never to...
Fairy Tail: The Elemental Slayer || Volume 1 (FT Women x fem!reader) [COMPLETE] by cowboydinkie
Fairy Tail: The Elemental Slayer |...by dinkie
This story features an OP (Y/n), who is a Fairy Tail mage. She follows the Fairy Tail storyline with the occasional original content. Oh and another twist? This kid is g...
Career Choice  || Hachiman x Yukino || (COMPLETED) by ShitsAndOrGiggles
Career Choice || Hachiman x Yukin...by oduraWaZ
It is near graduation for Hachiman Hikigaya, Yukino Yukinoshita, and Yui Yuigahama. As they become young adults, they would need to pursue a career for the workforce. Bu...
Fairy tail's Enchantress Sorceress  by Daffidol_sky
Fairy tail's Enchantress Sorceress by Dana Miles
Everyone knows Harry Potter but what everyone in the wizarding world didn't know that he had a big brother and sister and a little sister that he didn't care about but t...
Ghost-War by 1uckygold
Ghost-Warby 1uckygold
What if Fairy Tail actually SAW what happened during their state of Algeria? What if they just witnessed history when Lucy summoned the Celestial Spirit King? . . This s...
Fairy Tail: The Elemental Slayer || Volume 2 (GXG) by cowboydinkie
Fairy Tail: The Elemental Slayer |...by dinkie
So (Y/n) finally accepts her attraction to the infamous three: Erza Scarlet, Mirajane Strauss and Cana Alberona. Taking them out to dinner was easy enough now how about...
Minerva's Secret [COMPLETED] by Fairytailfan1702
Minerva's Secret [COMPLETED]by Fairytailfan1702
After the battle against Zeref and Acnologia, Sabertooth returned home. Minerva was glad the guild had a sense of peace and balance restored, however her past actions st...
Oregairu Girls Reaction by Noth_Lyv
Oregairu Girls Reactionby
A reaction fanfic where the female cast of Orgeairu were kidnapp- I mean, 'invited' to react at the alternate version of Hikigaya Hachiman in alternate world. This is a...
Sabertooth Life by Fairytailfan1702
Sabertooth Lifeby Fairytailfan1702
Ever wonder what Sabertooth does while Fairy Tail goes to work. See the troubles, love, and betrayal of Sabertooth. And what happens when a Mating season approaches. Cou...
Classroom Of The Elite: Four Horseman Of Dead Eyes by Anjing-Chan
Classroom Of The Elite: Four Horse...by Monke
Spoiler Warning:Containts from Volume 1-11.75 Author Of The Original Work:Kinusaga Syougo Characters Of The Original Work:Kinusaga Syougo,Honobu Yonezawa,Hajime Kamoshi...
Mending a Broken Heart by Meraki-Heart
Mending a Broken Heartby Meraki-Heart
The fight with Tartaros tore Lucy's world apart. She has no Fairy Tail, no Natsu, nobody. On top of that, she's trying to deal with the scars Tartaros left on her heart...
Workforce Love || Hachiman x Yukino || COMPLETED by ShitsAndOrGiggles
Workforce Love || Hachiman x Yukin...by oduraWaZ
After high school graduation, Hachiman, just like reality, and it happens to most groups of friends, stopped seeing his 2 best friends: Yukino, and Yui right after day a...
Dragon Slayer Mating  Season *CONTINUED ON @xiexiem* by Toucat
Dragon Slayer Mating Season *CONT...by Toucat
Its dragon slayer mating season! Mating season is the time when dragon slayers go out to find their soul mate and claim the person as their own. At this time, dragon sl...
Lector Ships It! (A Sting x Yukino and Rogue x Minerva Fanfiction) by GreenCheekyAlfie
Lector Ships It! (A Sting x Yukino...by Lex
[COMPLETED] Word count: About 28,000 After the War with the Alvarez Empire, all of the guilds in Fiore have started their gradual recovery. Sting has been master of Sabe...
ᴏʀᴇɢᴀɪʀᴜ• by butnotquiteme
ᴏʀᴇɢᴀɪʀᴜ•by GOAT
WHAT IS LOVE ? (Oregairu x Oc) by Harshkaneki
WHAT IS LOVE ? (Oregairu x Oc)by Harsh Katagiri
Well,I am making this story because there aren't many story on oregairu there is only two which are well written and one is still going so meh I taught why not. I don't...
"White Witch" (Bakugou x OC) by tsukkiss_waifuu
"White Witch" (Bakugou x OC)by Yukino🦋
My name's Yukino Kiyoko but I'm mostly known as the White Witch... . . . . "What if I was a villain would you still like me?" Warning: Story contains a lot of...
The Blizzard - Akatsuki no Yona by aquadolphin258
The Blizzard - Akatsuki no Yonaby Dolphin-chan
The epitome of elegance and grace; beauty and majesty; skill and sass. Yukino, just who are you? Are you Soo-Won's step-sister? Are you Yona's friend? Which side will y...
Accidentally in Love (Complete) [Hikigaya x Miura] [OreGairu] by BigOniiChan
Accidentally in Love (Complete) [H...by JZ
Now in his final year, Hikigaya wants to ask Yukinoshita out before their inevitable graduation. But when Miura shows up to say Hayama and Yukinoshita might be dating, H...