Chapter 4: Trap

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Y/n P.O.V.

Ah shit, looks like I pissed off little Romin.

After I "insulted" him, he immediately got up and slapped me across the cheek. He would've slapped me again if it weren't because Yejun stepped in and told him he couldn't act like this in the courthouse.

After that whole incident, High Judge Dongheon started stating out all of my recorded crimes. I honestly wasn't listening to a single word he was saying. I was too focused on a noise I kept hearing but I couldn't exactly pinpoint what I was hearing.

"...theft, treason against the king, and assault towards the fruit vendor, Mr. Kyung" finished Dongheon.

"Excuse me, could you repeat that last one?" I asked.

"Assault towards the fruit vendor, Mr. Kyung" he answered.

"False. Mr. Kyung has hurt me and others. If I ever fought back, it was self defense and for protection" I said in a loud tone. I was beginning to grow angry at the mention of that cow kyung.

"Is that true Mr. Kyung?" asked Dongheon into the audience of the courthouse.

"Yes, it is your honor. This rat has often times hurt me and stolen from my fruit stand. I've begged her countless times to stop but she never does" said Cow Kyung in a sorrowful voice.
Dammit! Why is he here? That lying bastard! How dare he say I'm the one who assaults him. He's a terrible man and he knows it.

I was beginning to grow more and more anxious as the time passed by.

"Well then, my all means necessary, you, Y/n L/n, are sentence to life in prison" said Dongheon.

I looked over at Romin. He was smirking at me with a devilish grin rising to his face.

That's when I heard it. The noise I had been hearing the whole time. It was the sound of string. The sound of a bow and arrow being pulled.

I looked up toward the window on the ceiling and saw a man dressed in all black pointing his arrow at me.

In an instant, he shot the arrow and it pierced me straight through my left shoulder. That's when I realized this was a trap. Romin must've set someone up to kill me. The point of this trial was never to punish me. It was to capture me and assassinate me.

Chaos erupted in the courthouse as everyone began rushing out. Romin did so too. He was acting as if he knew nothing. He secretly sent an assassin to kill me. Romin didn't kill me himself or executed me because he doesn't want to look like bad king in front of his people.

That bastard.

I was still tied to the post when Yejun rushed to my side and untied it.

"Is your shoulder alright?" asked Yejun.

"Oh yeah for sure. It's fine. It's all good. It's not like I'M BLEEDING TO DEATH" I yelled.

Yejun finished untying me when the man from the ceiling jumped down and tried to shoot me. Me and Yejun hid behind one of the pillars.

"Yejun, here's my chance of escaping. Go to your brother before he suspects anything."

Yejun did as I said and I ran towards the window, braking it and running out into the woods.

I saw as arrows kept missing my head and I kept running. I was slowly getting tired and dizzier as the pain in my shoulder was emerging. I knew I had to keep running or else I'd be dead as this assassin was chasing me through the woods.

I was getting more and more tired when I felt my body fall and land in water. After that, everything went dark.

Romin's P.O.V.

After approximately 2 hours after the incident in the courthouse, I met up with the assassin I had hired at the garden.

"Is she dead?" I asked.

"Yes your majesty. I chased her through the woods when I saw her black out and fall down the waterfall. That's at least a 40 foot drop. There's no possible way she could've survived." He said.


I gave the man his sack of coins and dismissed him.

Finally, today is the day Y/n L/N is no more.

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