Chapter 9: Aura

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Y/n P.O.V.

I was in Hyunsuk's kitchen helping Hyunyul learn how to read the basic alphabet. I had never gotten an education since I was poor and I was a woman but I managed to learn some stuff out on the streets. I had to know how to read the "wanted" flyers King Romin would put up through out Caesarea with a sketch of my face in order to be cautious of who saw me. Hyunsuk knows a lot more than me though. He learned when he was younger from a guy named Seunghun.

I have to admit though, I'm very thankful for Hyunsuk and Prince Yejun's help throughout the years. Hyunsuk taught me the simpler stuff in life like fighting and cooking and hunting. He always told me that I couldn't be a weak woman like the rest and that I had to learn how to defend myself. He said he would be very sad if something happened to me someday because I wasn't able to protect myself. He's a great teacher honestly and if it weren't because he's from a low social status, he could've gone far in life as one of the greatest philosophers in all of Europe. Although, I will say, I'm much better than him at everything he taught me... except cooking.

And Yejun taught me the more complicated things in life like how to cheat my way out of Romin's taxing system and the system of law and court in Caesarea. Had it not been because he taught be a lot of tricky ways to outcome the system, I would most definitely be locked up right now. He's always helped me out with anything political and idealistic.

Honestly, I might seem all tough and rude to everyone in Caesarea but there's always a soft spot in my heart for Hyunsuk and Yejun. And Hyunyul of course. All three of them are the closest thing to family that I have and for that, I'm eternally grateful.

"I give up! I don't get it" said Hyunyul in a frustrated, sad tone.

"Ah don't give up Hyunyul. You've studied hard today. We can continue this another day." I said smiling at him. His face lit up instantly and he got up from the chair that looked half past breaking into pieces and hugged me.

"Can we go to the market place to buy some cheese on a stick please please pleeeeaassee?" whined Hyunyul. I was a bit unsure of what to answer. I wanted to take him to the marketplace but I couldn't risk being seen. Romin could think I'm not dead and could still be looking for me and I simply can't risk being arrested, especially while having Hyunyul at my care. But I just simply couldn't resist not taking him. He was giving me these adorable puppy eyes that I gave into.

"Fine alright. We'll go to the marketplace but we must be as fast as possible. And you can't say my name at all okay, I can't have people hearing me or you say my name. So we'll just go, buy the cheese, and come straight home. Alright?" I told him. He nodded and ran to the small room him and Hyunsuk shared. He then came out this a small leather pouch. I crouched down to his level and saw as he opened the bag.

"I saved coins Hyunsuk gave me so that we can have fun together! I always see that you have to steal for food and it makes me sad so today I want to make you happy!" said Hyunyul enthusiasticly. It was so heartwarming. The way this little boy just wanted to make me, a disgusting street bastard, happy. I gave him a warm smile and a hug before we both headed out the door on our way to the marketplace.

Jungkook P.O.V.

After my talk with Jimin, I went to Namjoon's quarters to tell him of my situation. He was at his marble desk, writing in some type of journal or diary. Without looking up at me, he spoke...

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