Chapter 7: Return

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Jungkook P.O.V.

I turned around and saw Namjoon standing by the door way staring at me.

"Heyyy Namjoon" I said in a sweet tone accompanied by a sweet smile.

"Why were you down there so long?" he answered strictly.

"I just got carried away while practicing. You know, the humans have really pretty fields. You should try visiting from time to time" I said, trying to switch the topic a bit. I've always been bad at lying but judging by his face, I think he believes me.

Namjoon crossed his arms and answered.

"Liar" he said.

Um, uh-oh.

"What! I'm not lying! It's true! The humans really do have magnificent fields! If you don't believe me, let's head down and I'll prove it to you!" I answered in a loud voice, almost yelling.

"Jungkook, I'm the god of wisdom and knowledge. I know when you are lying and when you are not. I wasn't referring to the fields when I called you a liar".

His tone a voice was slowly growing and he was getting closer to me.

"Now answer truthfully, what were you doing?" Namjoon said slowly and menacingly.

"Fine, I was was practicing when I met a girl and we just walked around and stuff but I swear I didn't tell her anything about us"

I explained to Namjoon a bit more about the girl but I didn't go too into detail with it.

"Please don't report me to my mom please please hyung!" I begged.

Namjoon P.O.V.

Jungkook practically cried for me to not tell Artemis about his situation on Earth a thought I have to admit, I was quite interested in this girl Jungkook spoke about. What could she have possibly done for the king to put a bounty on her. For some strange reason, I was curious about her. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to meet her. And was she truly beautiful as Jungkook says? Beautiful enough for Jungkook to disrespect Aphrodite's name? I felt a need to see her in person.

"I won't tell your mother on one condition" I said in a confident voice. I saw as Jungkook gulped nervously.

"And that is?"

"Take me to Earth to meet the girl" I said.

"What! No! Why?" yelled Jungkook.

"I'm intrigued by the nature of this girl. No one has ever dared to challenge the royal family, especially a female. Woman are more oppressed and weaker than men. Why would this girl act so foolishly?" I answered.

"Fine. You can come tomorrow as long as you don't tell my mom." answered Jungkook. I simply nodded my head in response as I turned away and began to walk to my quarters.

"Oh! And don't tell the others. I don't want them tagging along!" yelled Jungkook as I continued walking. I didn't answer to him but obviously I wasn't going to tell the others. There was no need for them to know.

Jungkook P.O.V.

Stupid hyung always getting in my business. I'm glad he doesn't have plans on telling my mother about this. If she found out I was befriending humans, she would turn me into a rabbit.

Namjoon left and so I decided I was going to my quarters to take a bath and then fall asleep. As a turned the corridor to walk into my room, I saw someone leaning on to the wall.

"Heyyyyyy Jungkoooooook"

Uh oh...

"Soooooo what is it you don't want the other's finding out about huh?"

Oh no....


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