Chapter 1: Cow

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                                   Y/n P.O.V.

"Street rat! Get the hell out of my way!"

Tch... there he goes off blabbering again. Can't he just leave the kid alone.

A poor kid had just accidentally run into the fruit vendors stall right here in the middle of the market place. The poor kid was running around looking for his older brother and accidentally ran into the vendor, Mr. Kyung or as us "street rats" like to call him, Cow Kyung.

He was the typical rich vendor who loved to show off about his trips to other countries and cities and all that bullshit.

Obviously, he made a lot of money. He's the fruit vendor! But he had such a terrible persona.

He absolutely hated the "street rats", just like everyone else.

Why do they hate us?

We don't know either.

I guess it's cause we're poor, disgusting, and lifeless.

But it's not like that...

"Cow Kyung, leave the kid alone will ya" I said as I walked up to the kid who was on the floor near the fruit stand, scared for his life of what the vendor would do to him.

I saw a flash of relief on the kid's eyes as he saw me waking closer and closer to him.

"Ha, well if it isn't Scar huh" said Cow Kyung.

I hate when people call me that. Yes, I have scar that runs from my nose to my left cheek but there's absolutely no need to point it out.

"Don't call me that, Cow Kyung"

I could tell he was getting angrier and angrier by the minute. That same look in his round eyes.

"Just leave the kid alone and go back to taking cow shits or something" I said.

I walked up to the boy and helped him up when I felt something at my neck. That damn bastard.

"Don't you dare disrespect me street rat! My shit's are worth more than your entire existence you hear me!" said the vendor.

I looked down slightly and saw a knife at my neck. Ooooh I'm sooooo scared. Tch I've been threatened with worst things before. A knife is just like pointing a pencil at me.

"So you admit to taking massive cow shits huh Cow Kyung?" I said.

I was feeling a little braver today and decided to play around just to piss him off. What's he gonna do about it? Stab me? As if.

"Why you little..." I felt him turn me around to face him and he positioned the knife so he could stab me but right in that moment, I grabbed the knife before could pierce through me.

I saw his eyes slightly widen in surprise. Why is he surprised? Knowing me, he should've seen this coming.

"You're too slow" I said as I yanked the knife out of his hands.

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