Chapter 5: Windflowers

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Jungkook P.O.V.

I had gone down to Earth to practice some archery in the woods and enjoy the fields of flowers. Spending all my life in Olympia was boring so why not go down to Earth?

I wore the typical traveling attire so that I would look like the common human. I had finished practicing in the woods when I went to the field of windflowers. I lied down and just relaxed, taking in the smell of nature. If there's one thing I envy about humans is that they can enjoy nature at all times. Us Gods are always busy around in Olympia.

I decided to get up and go dip my feet in a nearby river when I saw a body in the water.

I pulled it out and realized it was a young girl. She had a beautiful s/c face with h/c h/l. She was radiantly gorgeous. Even Aphrodite would be envious of her. I laid her down on the patch of grass surrounding the windflowers when I realized the amount of blood coming out from the side of her head. She was also struck with an arrow on her left shoulder. Had I accidentally struck her while practicing? No. Impossible. I didn't miss a single shot.

I realized she was still breathing when I began to bandage her with some white cloth I had hanging out of the clothes I was wearing. I finished bandaging her up and let her rest. It was midday and I had to return but I couldn't just leave her here alone. Plus, I was curious as to who she was.

Y/n P.O.V.

I woke up with a massive migraine and blurry eyes. I sat up from where I was laying down and immediately felt a strong pain in my left shoulder. I realized my head and shoulder were bandaged with white cloth. I looked at my surroundings and realized how beautiful it was. I was in a field of windflowers. Beautiful white and lavender windflowers.

"Did I die? Am I in Olympia? Heaven?" I said confused out loud. I looked down to my hands and slightly pinched them just to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

"No you didn't die, but you almost did" said an enthusiastic voice.

I turned slightly and met with a young man. He had beautiful chestnut brown hair and brilliant blue eyes.

"Pardon me but who are you and where am I?" I questioned.

He gave me a soft smile and answered " Of course, my name is Jungkook. I'm a traveler from a nearby village. I was on my way to Caesarea when I was you in the river. That's when I pulled you out". He sounded playful and soft, he reminded me a lot of Hyunyul.

"If I may ask, what were you doing in the river?" he asked.

I was a bit wary of what should answer to him since we had only just met but I decided to tell him the truth since it would do me no good to lie.

"I was being chased by an assassin when I fell down the water fall. The current must've moved me farther down the river" I answered looking up at him.

"Oh my! An assassin! I'm glad nothing happened to you" he said with a concerning smile.

"Yeah, oh I'm Y/n by the way. I come from Caesarea" I said.

"Great! So we can travel there together!" he said in a happy tone.

He reached his hand out so I could grab it and then I stood up. I dust my self off and we both began walking through a trail.

"Ah I forgot to mention it but thank you for saving me and bandaging my injuries" I said a bit awkwardly.

"Of course!" he simply answered.

We continued walking, stoping here and there to take breaks. We would have small chats here and there about basic things.

Eventually we made it to the entrance to the city when I ran back into the woods, leaving Jungkook alone at the entrance.

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