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                      That's all I've ever felt

                               Simply cold

            If somehow I could restart my life

                I would do it immediately

                            No hesitation

It's been too long since I've last eaten. It's been too long since I've last showered. It's been too long since I've last lived.

Life is a joke. A disgrace.

What's the meaning of it?

You live the same thing every day.

You wake up, eat, "live" and then sleep.

Of course, that's a different story for the rich and the poor.

The rich wake up, go to gardens, buy goods and riches, they eat what their heart desires and they do all that their soul wishes. Every. Single. Day.

But the poor...

that's a completely different story.


some of us don't even wake up.

But the very lucky ones who do wake up...

We wake up to starvation. To death. To rotting bodies. To unfortunate souls. To the stench of our bodies slowly dying out.

We don't get to choose how we live that day or any day in fact....

we don't even know if we're alive anymore.

We don't know how to live as we simply just exist.

We don't get to chose what garden we want to visit today, what pastries we wish to try, what battles we wish to go watch, nothing.

We don't choose anything.

We don't live.

We simply just exist.

How I wish I for someone to change it. Change it all.

If the Gods really do exist, do they live like the rich?

What am I saying

Of course they live like the rich!

Why don't they help the poor?

Gods exist to help all people right?

Not just the rich right?


It seems like they only help the rich.

Never the poor.

Couldn't there just be one God kind enough to help us out? At least just one day.


Who am I kidding

The Gods don't care.

And neither would their children.

They would gain nothing from helping us.

The would gain nothing from letting us live

I hate those damned Gods so much.

yuh it's ur author here
I was actually not gonna start this book cause I saw that my old book was kind of a FLOP LMAO. anywho I continued this book because I saw someone comment "update please" so I was like " meh why not". I'll try to update more I hope hehehehehe

Bye bye <3

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