Chapter 8: Lie

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Jimin P.O.V.

"Sooo Jungkook, what were you and Namjoon hyung talking about hmm?"

I got off from where I was leaning on the wall and walked over closer to Jungkook. I saw him stiffen at the mention of our hyung.

"Aww don't tell me you two are keeping secrets from us" I said pouting and faking a sad face.

"Of course not hyung! Me and Namjoon were just talking about some stuff you know but we just don't want to tell you guys cause it'll ruin the surprise" said Jungkook. He looked truthful but I felt that he wasn't entirely telling me the truth. He seemed so rushed to respond to me it made very suspicious of him. What could it be he's hiding hmmm?

"What surprise?"

"Well... actually, me and Namjoon hyung were planning on throwing a party for our cousin Eunbi next month for her birthday. We didn't want to tell you guys because last time we told you guys about Hoseoks birthday, you guys dropped the ice sculpture on top of the cake. Don't get me wrong! It's not that we didn't want to tell you guys, we just wanted to tell you guys later." Jungkook answered. Something about him still felt a bit suspicious.

"Alright, I understand. I won't tell the others on one condition"

Jungkook P.O.V.

On one condition?!?!

That could be nearly anything!

I waited anxiously to hear what Jimin's "one condition" was going to be. He looked me straight in the eyes and gave me this weird twisted smile. I wasn't too sure about how I was feeling towards the situation so I just gave him a small smile until he spoke.

"My one condition is..." he spoke. Oh dear gods save me.

"Let me make Eunbi's dress tunic!" he yelled.

Her dress? Really? That's his one condition?

"You all never let my inner fashionista express itself. I tried making a tunic for V and he bashed out on me saying "it looks horrendous Jimin, you'll never be as good as Athena at the arts and crafts" oh that bastard I'd shoot him with a lightning bolt if it weren't because he's the son of a fishy god" said Jimin rather dramatically and in a mocking manner.

"Oh you know how V is, always speaking about and stuff but of course you can make her dress tunic. Just make sure no one else finds out and make sure you have it completed before next month" I answered.

Jimin smiled at me and gave me a hug before running towards his quarters to begin sketching out the dress tunic for Eunbi.

So frustrating...

Besides having to worry about Namjoon and the others finding out about Y/n, now I have to worry about planning a birthday party for Eunbi. For now, I will go find Namjoon to share my recent events with him and discuss his future introduction with Y/n. Urgh why did he have to find out about her! I hate his wise arse. Just cause he's son of Athena DOESN'T MEAN HE'S AS GOOD AS HER THAT BASTARD. I decided to stop quietly raging by myself and headed towards Namjoon's quarters.

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