Ark: Volume 4 Chapter 1

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Giran Magic Institute


A ray of light struck the magic tower. Sparks came off the equipment attached to the transmitter as light particles gathered. The light particles that moved along the complicated tangle of glass tubes soon transformed into the shape of a person atop a magic circle.

It was a normal-looking youth, which was actually rare in the virtual reality game where 90% of players changed their appearances. He really couldn’t be called handsome, and there was a surprising grain of truth in calling him ugly; this incomparably vague character’s name was Ark.

“Pant, pant, arrived at last… bleh, BLEECH!”

Ark retched with a green face.

“I thought I was gonna go mad. I’ve never even been carsick, this is really…”

From Jackson to Giran, letter movement only took 3 minutes. That was the time it took for cup noodles to become done at the perfect state for eating. But that mere 3 minutes dealt Ark mental damage that he didn’t want to experience a second time. Still, it was quite fresh and fun at first. When he turned into particles of light, it felt just like he was leaving his body. The sense of weightlessly becoming one with the air! Since he was cutting through the sky in such a state, it was like he had become wind. Everyone has probably imagined it once; becoming a wisp of wind and speeding over mountains, valleys, and plains. That imagination had become reality.

“Woaaaah, this is awesome!”

That sense of liberation! That freedom!

A cheer burst out of him as he looked at the scenery that was speeding past. But it didn’t even take 10 seconds for his cheer to turn into a scream.

The sudden jumps, dives, and turns that unfurled!

Would riding a rollercoaster without the seat belt feel like this? No, it felt like being in a cocktail cup being swished around by a bartender. He jolted from side to side, and the sky and ground flipped countless times…

It still seemed like the floor was shaking underneath him, so he couldn’t even stand up straight.

‘Dammit, what the hell is this frickin’ over the top reality!’

“Are you Ark?”

He heard a rough voice from behind him. Turning around with sunken eyes, he saw an old Magician with a beard that fell to his chest approaching him.

“Do you know me?”

“I just received word from the Jackson Magic Institute. But I knew of your name before that, from the crewmen of the Silver Arrow who arrived a few days ahead of you.”

“Ah, did they arrive well?”

“Of course. They couldn’t come meet you because they’re out on other business, but they told me to send you their greetings.” The old Magician laughed awkwardly as he shrugged his shoulders. “But it looks like you’re not in any shape to ask after their health. Are you okay?”

“Honestly, I can’t really say that I’m alright.”

“Well, letter movement is still in the testing stage, so it couldn’t have been a comfortable journey.”

“It’s not just at the level of not being comfortable though?”

“Apparently the weather was particularly bad today so letter movement was also several times more unstable than normal. Even if we are the Magic Institute, we can’t do anything about the weather. So to speak, you had bad luck.”

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