Ark: Volume 4 Chapter 7

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Dark Brotherhood


20 minutes after he left Cairo and walked up the hill, a cabin appeared.

He used ‘Stealth’ to observe through a window.

As expected, the NPC named Lorenzo was chaotic.  Level 80. Although it was a high level for other people, he couldn’t compare to Ark who was level 90 and receives a bonus attribute in the dark.  Quest difficulty E.

It took 90 levels to perform one difficulty up.

However, it wasn’t a simple quest where he could rush in blindly.

It usually required killing the target to receive a key that would open a warehouse and retrieve the goods.  However, he couldn’t kill Lorenzo and he couldn’t even use a sword.  In other words, he had to find out the whereabouts of the goods first.

‘I had previously encountered thieves in the ruins….. ‘

After surveying the structure of the cabin, Ark said to Sid.

“As expected, there is a back entrance.  If one is backed into a corner they may escape through the back entrance.  Therefore Sid will block the back door.  If blocked by a body on the outside then there is no particular danger.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Sid answered in a tense voice and went back.

‘Now, this fellow recently held poison.’

If you block the escape of a level 80 NPC then they would have nothing to build a strategy.  Intimidating for the time being and if that doesn’t work then a little bit of violence is okay.

Ark immediately kicked the door and entered the cabin.  Lorenzo who was surprised, tried to stand up.

“You, who are you?”

“I will not speak for long. Where are you hiding the stolen goods? ”

“The stolen goods? What are you talking about? ”

“It is useless to feign ignorance. I already know.  Just tell me obediently before you get hurt.”

“What, what?” Thief? Who said such a silly thing?”

“Who is it? -Wolkosu. Wouldn’t you know who Wolkosu is even if I didn’t explain it?

It was at that time. At the mention of Wolkosu, Lorenzo’s forehead violently twitched.  Then his eyes anxiously shook as he sighed.

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