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Tatianna Boran "Lil Bit"

Therapy session, West side@10amDecember 28th, Sunday_________

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Therapy session, West side
December 28th, Sunday

"Hello Ms.Boran can you tell me how you've been since our last meeting" Mr.Jones asked me as I sat on his sofa and he pulled out a notepad.

"Fine" I responded. I wasn't going to tell him what happened yesterday because then he would've made a big deal and I just don't feel like dealing with all that.

"Okay have you pills been working for you?"

"Honestly, they haven't been working that well. I still find myself becoming highly irritated"

"Oh" He responded with a look of fear on his face.

"Ok so this is what we're going to do, im going to start giving you a even stronger happy pills okay?"

Im not taking that shit

"Okay" I responded as he wrote down a piece of paper and kept it on his desk as a reminder.

"Okay now I wanted to show you these before but I always forget" He said pulling out a couple of cards with pictures on them.

"This just helps me understand your brain and how you think so I can help you out more"

I nodded my head and then he moved a picture towards me. The picture was a couple and the lady was crying while the man was hugging her.

"Now, what do you think happened in this situation"

".....I think she's hurt from something that happened to her and no matter what she trys to do to forget about it and heal from it she can't and he comforts her everytime she breaks down and crys"

"Hmmm ok" He responded writing down on a notepad.

"What about this one" He pushed another picture forward. It was just a black and white photo of splattered paint.

"What color is this blob?"


"Why red?"

"Bc its blood"

"....ohhkayyy" He responded sucking in his lips as he wrote down on a notepad.

When this shit gone be over


Ro💕 @11:00am
Im outside

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