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Tatianna Boran "Lil Bit"

Detroit, MI2 weeks later, January 18th @4pmAmazon_________________

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Detroit, MI
2 weeks later, January 18th @4pm

"you like it so far?" Drayshon asked me as we both were on our break and I was fixed on my phone still seeing people post "R.I.P Kobe".

that shit is crazy

"Bro can you hear?" He said snapping his fingers in my face.

"Don't snap at me ian no fucking dog" I replied pushing his hands out my face before getting up and throwing my bag of chips away.

"You kno him?" I turned my neck quick as fuck seeing that I had left my phone unlocked and on the table.

"Nah I just met him one time in traffic nun too much" I said grabbing my phone from the table and exiting out of instagram.

"Mmm" He replied nodding his head and getting up to throw his salad away.

"Um excuse me is your name..Tatianna?" Some other coworker came towards me asking with my nametag in her hand.

I was looking for that I left it at Kobe-

"Yea um who brung it up here"

"Some dude named De..DeRose I think he told me to tell you that he was gon see you soon" She said before putting my nametag down on the table and walking away.

"Who the fu-" I said outloud mugging my face up.

"The fuck you mean DeRose???" Drayshon blurted out with a strong angry expression on his face.

"I don't kno" I replied confused asf as it hit 4:30pm which meant the break was over.

"Nah you kno" He snatched me by my arm.

"DONT snatch me like that" I said snatching my arm back.

"And we at fucking work we can talk bout that later" I said speed walking away with my heart beating fast as fuck.


I get off of work just to see Drayshon had already left. I get into my dads jeep and Call Dray so I can tell him about that night but it would immediately go to voicemail.

"Did this nigga block me?"

I attempted to call one more time until a call from my mother interrupted me.

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