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Same day @1:30am

I looked over at Tati for a lil bit and noticed she had started shaking from it being cold as fuck outside so I gave her my jacket.

"Shouldn't be wearing that lil ass sweater anyways" I said.

"Stop talking to me go inside and sit there like you been doing" she responded putting on my jacket.

"Well give me my shit back then" I tried snatching my jacket back but her lil ass was strong she was not gone let go of that bitch.

"I said for you to go inside not yo jacket" She replied with shiny white smile.

"Smile more" I told her before looking away and staring onto the street as if I said nothing.

"You must like my smile or sum" She said nudging me.

"Barely" I replied and she rolled her eyes.

We sat there quietly again before she interrupted the silence by saying, "How did you get so...nonchalant you just seem so chill and calm about this whole situation."

"Life let me down a couple of times to the point where I can't even show emotion anymore you feel me" I replied and she just sat there and looked at me.

I looked over at her causing us to lock eyes before we both looked away.

"I hope he good though if I didn't give a fuck I wouldn't be here" I said.

She knodded her head before asking me how my little brother was.

"He coo I had to bail his lil bad ass outta jail after out trip doe"

"Thhaaatsss where you ran off too"


"I needa meet him one day"

"Why you wanna do that?"

"Why not we friends ain we? I can meet yo lil brother"

"Oh now we friends" I replied standing up.

"Yes now we are FRIENDS" she replied saying the friends part hard before she stood up as well.


We ended up going into my car talking and then falling asleep until I heard tapping on my window.

I shot my head up reaching under my seat for my gun just to see that it was Tati Dad and I roll my window down.

"They said Wayne is in a comma right now and they'll call us if he wakes or...yea ion know you but you seem to care for my daughter so is it ok for her to just stay with you tonight while I handle things with her mother?" He asked me.

"Uh yea yea dats coo" I responded looking over at Tati seeing her dead asleep in the passenger seat.

"Thank you so much young man be safe please" He said before running over to his car and getting in.

"Aye aye tati" I shook her a little bit and she popped up with her eyes wide.

"HES OKAY HES OKAY" She screamed looking around.

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