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Tatianna Boran "Lil Bit"

January 1st @11am , ThursdayManhattan,NY___________________

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January 1st @11am , Thursday

"ITS TIME TO CHECK OUT" D and I jump out of our sleep and then a horrible headache hits me.

"Owwww" I cried and he hopped out of the bed as one of the people from the front desk continue to bang on our door.

I look over at the other bed seeing that it was just us in here the whole night.

Hope ian do nothing with this nigga

"Bang on dis door again and imma smack the fuck out you" D said before he slammed the door in the mans face.

"Getcho clothes and cmon" He told me as he grabbed his clothes from off the floor and I grabbed mine.

"Where is my shirt" I asked him and he looked up at me with a slight grin before pointing in the corner.

I stood there for a good second before he mugged me and said "Grab dem mfkas and cmon".

"We ain do nothing right" I asked him as we walked out of the room.

"Nah but you was trynna fuck me tho licked my face and errythang" He said as he pulled his phone out and someone.

"Wait wait wait you tellin me I was trynna fuck and you didn't fuck me?"

"Nah whatchu think im a hoe a sum?"

"Nigga you i-" I was saying to him before he cute me off as he walked away and began talking to whomever was on the phone.

Drayshon Smith "Big D"

"Come meet us at da airport get here befoe 1:30 thats when the flight take off"

"Igh" I replied to Wayne before hanging up the phone.

I turned around seeing Tati sitting down just looking out the window and I walk over towards her.

"Aye you coo?" I ask her seeing she was zoned out.

"Huh?" She said bringing her focus to me.

"HUH is you straight" I replied saying the huh part extra hard.

"Nigga you always gotta do sum extra shit yes im good" She replied in a low tone as she pulled her phone out and slouched in her seat.

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