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Tatianna Boran "Lil Bit"

Two days later, January 4th, SundayDetriot,MIAmazon Factory@4:30pm________________

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Two days later, January 4th, Sunday
Amazon Factory

"Well I guess thats all the questions I have for you today Ms.Boran, I actually enjoyed meeting with you!"

"Thank you sir I enjoyed meeting with you aswell"

"Expect a call from me letting you know any further steps"

I responded with an okay and a big smile before I turned around and straightened my face as I started walking towards the parking lot.

"Lil bit" I turned around with a mug on my face at first until I seen it was D and a smile formed on my face before I hurried and removed it.

"Whatchu up here for?" He asked as he took off his amazon vest and then brung his shirt to wipe off his forhead.

I stood there catching myself zoning out as I stared at his body.

"Yo lil ass can't hear?"

"Nigga I heard you damn I told yo ass I was gon come up here for a interview" I responded to him with an attitude.

"You must be trynna see a nigga everyday or sum" He said as he looked me up and down with a slight grin.

Fine ass

"Bye" I responded walking towards Waynes Dodge Charger that he let me drive for the day.

"If I ain a young shiner den what do you call dat? Fucking niggas hoes he mad texting in all caps, deep broad day lay a nigga down wave cap" I recorded myself as I stopped at a red light rapping along to EST gee -5500 degrees.

A Camaro pulls on the side of me and rolls their windows down to reveal a car fillleddd with niggas and they was finneee too.

"AYE AYE PULL OVER REAL QUICK" Some brownskin dude with deep waves yelled out the driver seat.

"Nahhh I can't do that I got somewhere ta be!" I responded loud but not too loud as I rolled my passenger window down with my hand on the wheel waiting for the light to turn green.

"Man where you gotta be!" His homie responded from the passenger seat.

I started rolling my window up when the brownskin yelled again, "Holdon put yo number in my phone real quick!"

why the fuck the light taking 3 years to chan-

The light immediately turned green and I hurried and pressed the gas. He tried catching up to me but ended up getting caught in traffic.

After a couple more minutes I arrived at home and as I walked in the house and towards my parents room I could hear my mother wheeping silently as I heard my father say, "Im sor-" before getting cut off by my mother.

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