Part 23

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In this two day so much happen with nandini but she ignore it.

No one know who's cheap trick is this which she use on nandini.

In this two day Daredevil observe Fab 3( Manik, Mukti and Cabir) they find out whole detail whatever happened in 7 year.
In this they get to know three of them is suffering n in that manik is one of the most suffering in this they get to know about contract which dhruv and aliya give to Fab 3 but after a year manik change the contract and they didn't knew about it.
They also get to know the contract is over a year ago but manik is busy finding nandini.

At one night all dare devil gather in nandini room and tell her they will accept Fab 3
They already forget mukti and cabir but now manil also in their forgiveness in that nandini give them shock that she will give manik a chance to prove his love in this two day manik is trying his best.

Nandini sleep in sid arms then sid goes and put her in her room.

After an hour pass manik is restless he want to see nandini anyhow he went to her room without notice.

M:- Star you know you look daamn cute after 7 year also. Are thats doesn't mean you didn't look cute before 7  year u just like a doll and i m so much guilty to leave for those two selfish people. U know this monster again went to darkness i can't sleep much in night i always miss you mukti get to know her fault and ask me forgiveness i didn't forgive her i said her when i will find you ask forgiveness to her when she will forgive you than i will forgive her. I miss so much i will do anything to again your trust star. If you happy with reyansh sir that i don't have problem if you are happy then i will let you go for your happiness for me only your happiness is matter. I love star. Please forgive me. He start crying.

Nandini is wake up when some one come to her room she get to know its manik so that why she prented to sleep but by his confession she melt.

N:- Shhh manik stop crying.

M:- I know star u are again my hallucinations . You always come like this everyday in my room.. I miss u star i love u please do leave me i can't live without you i will die without from this many year i live just to find you otherwise i will die in that accident only u know jaan when i come to know you leave me forever and vanish only that day i met an accident i don't how i will survive in that accident i think god want me to find see today i found you but you didn't talk with me i know you are angry on me. But please talk with me i will die without..
He is blabbering continue not listening nandini nandini doesn't know what to do so she start kissing him.

This kiss is pure love and  bliss and short type.

M:- Star are you for real

N:- Listen Manik  i know u r guilty for what to did to me but i can't trust you nor my friends
So first of all you have to win my trust , if you gain my trust then i will accept you. But you have to face many challenge from my friend and family too because they are so much possessive for me.

M:- I will do anything jaan just for you.
You don't worry i will pass all the challenge.

N:- I know you will do it. Now go and practice i will come after some time.

M:- Sure jaana take care love you and kiss her forehead.

Flashback end......

At that night nandini told her friends about this and they are ready to give challenge to manik. Making more difficult to him. But god knows what will happen in future as no one can predict future.

Next day.
In dining room

Ne:-Princess are you ok? Please don't go to office today take a rest.

N:- Dad i m absolutely fine. I have to go office i have an important meeting to handle.

Ma:- Baby if you don't feel come home i will handle your meeting.

N:- Sure bhabhi.

Sid:- Maya do one thing you go her office in lunch and see weather she already or not than you only decided weather she will attend meeting or not. Then only princess can go to office.

N:- that's not fair bhaiyu.

Ma:- Its great idea its na mom dad.

NeRa:- Yes bacha.

N:- Ok i m agree with this. Now can i go.

Sid:- Sure Princess take care.

N:- U too bhai.
Bye all.

She went.

Time pass..

After sometime

Abhi get call he just shocked by hearing the news his pa just shake him he come in sense and run from his office.

In middle all singhania members and Dare devils got some news which hatched their breath they run from their respective place.

So thats it's.
So as soon as possible Aliya and dhruv are out 🤭

What the news all singhania and daredevil get?

So want some punishment to manik so forget easily by everyone.
Want manan one as soon as possible or want some more difference and challenge by each of them?

Why Abhi is shock?

Stay safe
Stay healthy
Take care
Lots of love

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