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edith immediately screams when she sees who's at the door. two movies she's already been in and haven't seen in forever. her old cast from the maze runner and teen wolf. and the marvel cast, all looking around at the big place.

dylan o'brien quickly looks to his front. smiling when he sees his friend. "EDITH!" he drags, running in for a hug. "i haven't seen you guys in forever." she says, returning the hug. he was quickly pushed off by one of her other cast members she never stopped talking to. kaya squeals pulling her into a hug. "hi love, i've missed you so much." her accent thick. "move." a low toned voice was heard.

she rolled her eyes knowing who exactly it was. one of her favorites, thomas. he gave her a soft smile and pulled her into a hug. to say these two were the closest while filming had to be an understatement. it continues on for the longest as the dance floor filled with people starts to get smaller, she continued greeting everyone.

"hey kid." robert says, patting her head. she laughs when he just gives her a big hug. he doesn't stop so the rest of the marvel cast joins in. "hello my on screen daughter. wow you're getting old." sebastian stan retorts, laughing when edith shoved him. "shut up. that's why you can't get through a metal detector." he gasps in shock as mackie and holland laugh at him.

"first it's vibranium. second, you are literally going to get your metal arm probably in this next movie." he shakes his head and gives her a huge hug. "i didn't realize how much people she knew. this is like a dream come true." kacey says, looking around at all the amazing celebrities. "what? was my tour not good enough for you." she rolled her eyes. "of course it was. it's just, maze runner cast. teen wolf. marvel! one direction- is that fucking tyler the creator!"

harry shoots his head towards the entrance where tyler and asap rocky we're giving edith hugs. "yeah they were in the studio together for a while, i usually stopped by- she's friends with rihanna!" it was now harry's turn to be shocked.

"yeah you didn't hear? she and rihanna worked a little on edith's album, she helped write a song she's going to release tonight." harry shakes his head. at this point everyone was now showing up. "plus pretty sure asap and rihanna got something going on, they met through edith." kacey explains more. "who are they?" harry asked. he thought he knew everyone edith knew but he was wrong.

"oh kian and jc, they're so funny. oh there's ari and florence." the two in the corner observing everyone. "what the fuck are you guys doing?" the two jump in fright, louis and cara were behind them. "just observing." harry shrugs. "i like it, edith knows almost everyone." the other two agree but yet follow their actions. "oh it's elliot page, her ex." harry points out. "she's gorgeous." cara adds.

"holy fuck look it's timothee chalamet and emma fucking watson." louis groans. "don't get hard now." harry jokes, laughing when he smacks his head. everybody was here. more and more came through, they couldn't keep count. "this is hurting my head." louis says. "shit it's the cast of wild n out." cara says. "minus nick cannon. stan edith." kacey says.

"hey." the group jumps, they were too busy staring at the entrance. none of them notice edith coming towards them with a weird but not surprising look. "what are you guys doing?" she asked. "making out" "observing" "talking" "nothing." edith raised her eyebrows watching as the group give each other looks.

"that's cute. anyway we're all taking shots together again and then they're just gonna play songs for artist. if they want to perform it, they can. if not, it's fine." edith explains, the group nods watching her walk away. "that's means follow her to the bar." another voice was heard, making them jump to the side. kendall and taylor stood beside them. the girls laugh following after edith.

"we gotta stop doing that." kacey says. "oh my god look. it's anya!" louis says, running after his friend. anya taylor joy. "alright everybody to the front, we're taking shots!" the party screams in excitement. moving over to the bar. harry was across the bar from edith, she was sat by tyler and rihanna. everyone crowding around the large space. a bunch of bartenders started to get everyone shots, more than enough. at one point, edith has asked if they wanted some help.

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